5 Heroes for India in World Cup Triumphs

5 Heroes for India in World Cup Triumphs

India, at the World Cup, has always been a force to reckon and has won the title of the Champions twice. Under the inspirational leadership of Kapil Dev, India won its maiden title in 1983 and then MS Dhoni with his bold leadership took the team to the title and played fabulous innings to help India become Champions. But in both of these triumphs, there were some players who played a small but very prominent role.

These impact creators for Team India were -

• Virat Kohli
Virat’s batting contribution in the 2011 World Cup quite essential for the success of the team in the tournament. In the opening match, he scored a blistering 100 against Bangladesh. He followed this up with a fine 59 against West Indies. At the night of the finals, when India had lost two important wickets, he allied with Gambhir to steady the Indian chase. Among the senior Indian player, Virat slowly made his name at the World stage.

5 Heroes for India in World Cup Triumphs

• Gautam Gambhir
Gambhir heroics throughout the tournament were overshadowed by the other players in0 the team. He scored nearly 400 runs in the tournament and was the second highest run-scorer for India in the tournament. Many regards that if he had not played crucial innings of 97 in the finals, Sri Lanka would have become the Champions.

Kohli and Gambhir steadied the innings and relied heavily on singles and doubles. Running requires strong leg bones and both have strong muscles which helped them to run fast and put pressure on the opposition. To build strong muscles like them, click here.

• Sandeep Patil
Whenever we hear about 1983 World Cup, we hear stories about Kapil Dev, Madan Lal, Sunil Gavaskar, etc. but among them, the batsman who created a staggering impact on the opposition was Sandeep Patil. He might have scored only 216 runs but the impact that he created made India Champions. He earned the TournamentDefining for his attacking batting display.

• Roger Binny
Binny was the leading wicket-taker in the ’83 World Cup with 18 wickets to his tally. He was India’s go-to man as whenever Kapil Dev wanted a wicket he handed the ball to Binny. His seam bowling helped restrict oppositions to a below par score which made Team India’s run chases relatively comfortable.

5 Heroes for India in World Cup Triumphs

In 1983, bowlers had to bowl 12 overs in the heat. Heat leads to sweat which leads to loss of electrolytes. These need to be replenished quickly to get instant energy and stay away from fatigue.

5 Heroes for India in World Cup Triumphs

• Suresh Raina
Then Team India coach Gary Kirsten himself had said that if Raina had not played those crucial knocks in the knock-out stages than India would have not even reached the finals in 2011. He played some attacking innings at the no.6/7 for India and at the same time held India’s lower order together to craft some of the best victories for his side.

Team India is the only Team to win a 60 over as well as a 50 over World Cup and all these men played the supporting role effectively to help India become Champions.

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