Pre Workout: 5 Foods NOT to eat before a workout

5 Foods NOT to eat before a workout

Before we start listing the foods that are pre-workout-friendly, let’s look at which foods are best to avoid. As we just mentioned, our tummies shouldn’t work too hard when breaking a sweat. Foods that’ll require a lot of effort from your stomach (i.e. complex carbs and other high-fiber) are best kept for after a workout — or are best consumed two or more hours before a workout. Regardless we suggest you are powered by our instant effervescent hydration supplements to boost your workout regardless of what you have eaten.

These foods include:

Leafy greens

Greens are usually a great addition to any meal, but the greens’ fiber breakdown time can cause discomfort during exercise.

5 Foods NOT to eat before a workout


Legumes like lentils, black beans, and chickpeas have both fiber and carbohydrates “raffinose” — a combination that can induce bloating and discomfort. Cure all unease with our instant effervescent hydration supplements.

Whole grain bread

Usually, an exemplary choice at mealtime, the complex carbs in whole grains are a lot for the body to process.

5 Foods NOT to eat before a workout

Raw seeds

High in fat, seeds should be combined with other macros (carbs and protein) to avoid stomach discomfort. Avoid them before a workout if possible. Our pre work out supplements will be a ceaseless experience!


Eating high-fat meals or snacks like nuts before exercising can compromise your workout. This is because fat is a nutrient which slows digestion. Pre-training, the purpose of nutrition is to prime the body, and for that to happen the food needs to be digested and ready to use as fuel. If you do want to include fat in your pre-workout, make sure you allow 1½-2 hours before exercising. Try our pre workout supplements to lift you up before you sweat it out!

5 Foods NOT to eat before a workout


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