5 Essentials You Need To Ace Your Run

Published : Nov 20, 2019
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  • Updated On : Jul 22, 2022

    If you’ve ever run a marathon or any race, for that matter, you would know that there is a lot more to running than meets the eye. There is an art to running a marathon that demands training, planning, and skilled execution. Without adhering to a formalized plan, your experience running a marathon is sure to be a disaster that will leave you sore, and you will likely never want to run a marathon again! So, what are the necessary checkboxes to tick before you begin to run a marathon? Let’s outline the list of essentials you will need to ensure that you conquer the challenge ahead of you and deliver your very best.


    Why are running shoes so important? Inappropriate shoes can make your running experience miserable. It can cause hip and knee pain, Achilles tendonitis and a host of other maladies. So, for the most pleasurable run without the consequences of injury, opt for running shoes that fit you perfectly!

     5 Essentials You Need To Ace Your Run

    Training Plan

    Setting out a detailed training plan, at least 6 weeks before the race, that is adjusted to your capabilities will allow you to gradually increase your endurance, and prepare you for the race. You can start small, and slowly work your way upwards. The important thing is consistency in adhering to the training plan, and you will eventually conquer the circuit!


    Electrolytes play a critical role in regulating your body’s water levels and therefore you must replenish them instantly after sweating. For efficient replenishment, you can rely on the official energy drink of the Tata Mumbai Marathon- Fast&Up’s Reload- an effervescent electrolyte hydration drink that is also a favorite of elite cricketers like Mayank Agarwal.

    Running Gait

    Whether you're a running newbie or a marathoner, this could make a huge difference in your training. Essentially, your gait is your manner of moving on foot. Understanding your gait is a very useful tool for helping you run more adeptly. Now that you know a little more about how you run, use that info to your advantage. It can help you run longer, stronger, and injury-free.


    Optimum nutrition is fundamental for ideal performance. However, nutritional gaps often arise, even with a healthy balanced diet. To fill in those pesky gaps that arise you can depend on these multivitamin drinks which will fulfill nutritional requirements, so you can deliver your best when it truly matters.

    Moreover, illness can put a full stop to training, so to make sure you boost your immunity you can rely on these Vitamin C effervescent tablets. As it is made from natural amla you can strengthen your immunity with the power of nature’s great immunizer.

    Preparation is key to running a marathon or race. Ideal nutrition is the first step, so get India’s first effervescent nutrition, which is recommended by celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija in a store near you, and ace your run every time!

     5 Essentials You Need To Ace Your Run

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