The most lovable season of the year is back - The Wedding Season

Everyone loves to groom, shop new clothes, reunite with cousins and family friends and most importantly take a break from busy hectic work life to dedicate their time to loved ones.

Sounds exciting, right?

We all wish to look fit, healthy and glamorous when we can fit into our desired outfit!

Why not make a plan already to make this season more happening?

wedding season

Here is list of 5 different ways to get ready for this wedding season

PILATES: Pilates is a series of exercises inspired by calisthenics, yoga and ballet. It will help you improve flexibility, strength, balance, body posture. It is a great workout that breaks the monotony of gym and helps improve posture and strength. It is all about challenging oneself to perform better and gives you a sense of achievement when you do so! So what are you waiting for? Get, set, pliates!

VITAMIN C: Charge your body up with Vitamin C to boost your immunity system, make you feel more energetic and help that skin glow!

Fastandup Charge

Fast&Up Charge is in the form of effervescent tablet, which contains natural Amla extract and helps to ensure stronger immunity so you gain enjoy all the functions to the fullest! Wedding season means a lot of running around, work and stress - so you need to ensure you don’t fall sick and get behind on your tasks. One tablet of Charge a day, can help keep the doctor away!

SALSA: How about spending some quality time with your partner, like a date where you will be giving all your attention to your partner and have a gala time along while learning and exploring something new with them. Reload your and your partner’s day with some energy so that you both feel hydrated while spending a hour of dancing with each other!

wedding season

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MAKE FOOD INTERESTING: Even if you plan a diet chart for a week you can see the difference. Planning a chart for like a whole month sometimes get complicated and we lose the track, so the smart way to plan a diet is to make it for seven days and take it week by the week. Eat healthy food, keep a track of your body weight regularly, intake energy drinks and stay activated.

DETOX DIGITAL: Keep Your laptops and mobile phones away from you and dedicate this precious time to your loved ones. Posting pictures can be done after the wedding too! Make a promise to yourself that this time cell phones are not going to be the mood spoiler of your parents, siblings and friends!


Isha Samtani

-Expert and Writer

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