PKL 2019: 5 All-Rounders Who will Create a Big Impact

5 All-Rounders Who will have a Big Impact in PKL 2019

All-rounders are very important for every franchise. They are high utility players as they can do the double job of defending as well as raiding. In every Pro Kabaddi League Season they have a huge impact and this year too, they will be crucial for their team’s success. Game of Kabaddi can't change even with one super raid or a single super tackle and these players are capable of having such an impact on the match.

6 All-rounders which will fire up the tournament are:

â—ŹAshish Kumar Sanghwan

One of the most versatile kabaddi players featuring in PKL 7 is Ashish Kumar Sanghwan. Playing for Bengaluru Bulls at the crucial position of Right Cover, Ashish mainly attacks the thighs of raiders which makes Diving Thigh Hold his brahmastra. He gives a lot of importance to fitness and is among the most agile and attacking players of the league. He will hold charge of Bulls defence.

5 All-Rounders who will have a Big Impact in PKL 2019

In a diving thigh hold, Ashish has to get a very tight hold on raider’s thigh so that raider does not get away. Great muscle power is required to grab raider on the mat.

â—ŹMeraj Sheykh

An Iranian name which has become very common and recognised among the very best is Meraj Sheykh. Meraj has a very unique style of playing Kabaddi which can be seen while he raids and defends. He is very quick on the mat too and uses Scorpion Kick to score points.

â—ŹMohammad Nabibakshsh

This Defender is a very new name in the world of Kabaddi and yet he has become popular due to his very attacking and aggressive style of play. This new sensation will play for Bengal Warriors and many eyes will be glued on him when he is on the mat.

â—ŹSandeep Narwal
Narwals are very highly ranked in PKL 2019. Sandeep Narwal is no different. He is electric, strong, gritty and has the correct mentality for an all-rounder. He is the only defender to score a combined tally of 200 points with raiding and defending. His block are sturdy like rock.

5 All-Rounders who will have a Big Impact in PKL 2019

Sandeep is known to play with high intensity on the mat. He is always pumped to perform better and during the entire duration of the match, his energy levels are always high which help him place his game.

â—ŹManjeet Chillar
Unarguably the best All-rounder to have ever played PKL is Manjeet Chillar. A raider while raiding is very fearful of him as he has great strength and a wall-like block. He has the highest tackle points - 243 and has the most nos. of High 5’s in the league. He is a legend of the game.

5 All-Rounders who will have a Big Impact in PKL 2019

â—ŹDeepak Niwas Hooda
Jaipur Pink Panthers have placed a lot of faith in the all-rounder Deepak Niwas Hooda. Deepak is among the fittest and over the years has emerged as Do-or-Die Raider. He makes full use of his long height and reaches opposition defenders with his most efficient Right Hand Touch.

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5 All-Rounders who will have a Big Impact in PKL 2019

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