4 Years of Nutrition Evolution


“Complete Nutrition” concept has gained popularity in recent times where multiple trends have kicked in be it Vegan diet, Natural supplements sources, Gluten Free food, Superfoods etc. These revolve around the same basic principle as making nutrition essentials more convenient and beneficial to the population. Human curiosity which has lead the path of innovation in the field of technology has benefited in multiple form to get the best nutrition which can help in performance as well as smooth daily lifestyle.

The same curiosity and passion of delivering an innovative nutrition supplements range in India fueled Fast&Up which came up with unique effervescent technology in 2015. This made a breakthrough in pattern of consuming nutrition essentials throughout the country. Tablet form of supplements formulated to give effervescent was not only tongue tickling but also beneficial in easy absorption without any gastric discomfort.

As Natural as it gets!

Being a fitness enthusiasts or an individual with an active lifestyle keeps you on your toes throughout the day with no room for daily sickness. Natural Amla extract being the renowned choice of Vitamin C found its rightful place in formulation of Fast&Up Charge. Effervescent tablets with Vitamin C and zinc gained its popularity which still remains intact till date for its benefits in boosting daily immunity against infections, daily sickness etc. This helps in maintaining a rhythm of daily activities and sports routine without any interruption.

Quality Matters!

When it comes to quality, we never compromise on choosing the best for our health and performance. Fast&Up BCAA formulated with Essential amino acids and Muscle activation boosters and Reload electrolyte hydration drink making it the 1st informed choice certified electrolyte drink in 2018.
Being a Indian brand with sheer passion to fuel the fitness of India, Fast&Up has always been at the forefront with nutrition marvels be it Energy gels made with proprietary Liquigel technology which requires no water or Instantized BCAA formulated with Ultra granulation technology to promote rapid absorption of nutrients by the body.

Staying updated with Nutrition Trends

Fast&Up since its inception has pioneered into changing trend of nutrition consumption with its effervescent technology leading to a diverse range of health essentials in past 4 years. Creating best available nutrition for muscle care such as Magnesio, BCAA or Recover or daily health essentials like Charge, Promega and Vitalize, Fast&Up helps to provide the best supplementation which helps in performance boost as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Everyone loves it when they are treated in the best possible way by providing the Nutrition essential using best technologies which make it easier for absorption thereby maximizing it benefits. Created with the help of Swiss Formula, Fast&Up brings ace quality into formulation of Nutrition such as Instantized BCAA, Omega-3 Fish Oil from pure ocean source making it best for consumption.

4 years of Nutrition evolution which has brought many trends into the arena Indian Nutrition where Fast&Up has been holding a strong foothold since 2015 till date. This makes it a reliable and trustworthy nutrition brand choice of more than 100 professional athletes, fitness trainers and nutrition experts of the country making it India’s #1 Effervescent Nutrition brand.

“Be with someone who brings out the best in you”

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Get extra 5% OFF on orders above ₹3000