4 Years Of Fueling Nutrition To Runners

4 Years Of Fueling Nutrition To Runners


Running as sport has grown by leaps and bounds in recent year in India with the phenomenal success of 5k and 10k Marathon run taking place in different cities across the country. The sheer passion for fitness has seeped into the hearts of populace making them practise better harder and smarter for a greater performance. Fast&Up India recognised the importance of a very crucial element necessary for upgrading the performance of Runners- Nutrition!

Since Its inception in 2015, Fast&Up has always strived to provide world class nutrition to runners be it in the form of innovative effervescent tablets for hydration, immunity and training essentials as well as daily health essentials like Omega-3 fish oil capsules. Moreover, bringing modern technical advancement in formulation of BCAA with the help of Ultra Granulation technology benefiting in faster and better absorption of nutrients by the body.
Importance of Right Nutrition for Runners

Daily diet and ordinary supplements in order to back up your running cannot suffice for the ideal nutrition your body requires to unleash its true potential.

Considering one the most important aspect in running i.e. Hydration, Reload was formulated in 2015 making it the 1st effervescent electrolyte drink in India with essential electrolytes like sodium, potassium, magnesium and chlorides along with vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates which suits the purpose of keeping you hydrated and energized during running events. Reload electrolyte drink till date happens to be “ACE” nutrition essential fuelling the best athletes in India this includes being official energy partners of some of the best running events in India like Tata Mumbai Marathon, Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, TCS World 10k Bengaluru, Tata Steel Kolkata 25k Marathon Run and many more.

Train with the best to be the best

Coming up with innovative and impactful Nutrition products over the period of 4 years, Fast&Up offers a diverse range of Nutrition essentials to Runners which takes care of the following aspect to keep you at your finest to improve your Running performance.

Immunity- To keep your running performance at peak, it is necessary to train without any interruption which is achieved with a strong immunity. This lead to innovation of Fast&Up Charge in 2016 with 1000mg Amla extract to help as an immunity booster to assist in tackling daily infections and sickness in order to prevent sabotage of daily activeness which can hinder the performance of runners.
Bone health- In 2016, the idea of strengthening the bone health to fuel runners across the country was sculpted into a powerful product i.e., Fast&Up Fortify. Comprising of 500mg of Calcium carbonate with highest elemental calcium to help in maintaining bone health to benefit runners.

Energy Gel- 2018 marked the formulation of Fast&Up instant energy gel which was made in India making it an ACE Indian product for instant energy for Runners. Comprising of maltodextrin and added Caffeine, the gel power packs a perfect nutrition in portable gel sachets for sipping during the runs to maintain energy levels of runners.
Muscle Care essentials- It is necessary to take care of the muscles in order to keep yourself in peak physical form. With it unique muscle care essential Fast&Up Magnesio formulated in 2109 with 300mg elemental magnesium along with Zinc helps in muscle relaxation and promotes good sleep. This helps in overcoming fatigue, cramps for an uninterrupted marathon experience.

In the 4 years of providing excellent nutrition support to power the performance of the best athletes in the country be it marathon runs, fun runs etc. Fast&Up takes immense pride in fuelling the passion for running of the country.

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“Appropriate nutrition fuels your running spirit from start to finish”



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