4 Reasons You're Not Adding Muscle

Published : Apr 29, 2020
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  • Updated On : Aug 11, 2021

    Little to no progress getting your morale down? You are hitting the gym regularly, eating the right food, focusing on your recovery & still not gaining muscle. What gives? Putting on muscle is not an easy task, regardless of the person being a beginner or an advance lifter. So if you are annoyed about being stuck in a plateau or at a same weight, it's the right time to assess what can be done to create a change.

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    When you are aiming for muscle hypertrophy (muscle growth at the cellular level) & increasing muscle mass, the best method is heavier weights & fewer reps. In weight training concept, hypertrophy occurs when muscle tissue enlarges, because the resistance stimulus increases the size of muscle cells. The more time muscle is under tension, the more it tends to grow. Simply put, hypertrophy puts the body in a muscle-building state. Training 'until failure' isn't a bad thing, it's actually how you get stronger. Just going through the sets without much resistance won't get you anywhere. You have to develop a sound mind-muscle connection to benefit from your workouts. It is not recommended to hit failure in the first set. But if you are not hitting failure in your final two sets, you are going to get minimum benefits.


    If your goal is to grow size & strength, cardio sessions should not dominate your training program. HIIT and simple cardio sessions can be scheduled into your routine but the main priority should be getting 3-4 weight & resistance training days. If you feel you are recovering properly between workouts, feel comfortable to add in a cardio session here and there, but not at the cost of your recovery. If you feel like you're running out of fuel or sweating too much and losing out on electrolytes and other micronutrients, sipping on an intra-workout drink might be a good idea. Fast&Up BCAA is a great formulation that packs in 10.5g of pure amino acids along with a potent mix of electrolytes and vitamins.

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    Protein should contribute 15-20% of the average individual's total caloric intake. But for someone looking to build muscle mass, somewhere between 30-35% of his diet should consist of protein. Protein and muscles go hand-in-hand, that's because muscle-building macro consists of amino acids which are building blocks used for muscle growth. However, this doesn't mean you should consume an enormous amount of protein in one sitting. Remember, moderation is key. Plus, excessive protein intake may cause gastrointestinal discomfort. To put on some muscle you can't eat like a bird all day. You must go on a caloric surplus to support muscle growth. The best thing is to eat whole foods, plan your meals, so you don't end up eating junk food. Ensure that your growing body receives all nutrients it needs.


    An aggressive 5-day-a-week weight training routine does mean you'll need to prioritize & keep a check on your recovery. Rest is just as important as lifting weights. The average person should get adequate rest ranging from 7-8 hours of sleep. Uninterrupted sound sleep at night is crucial for healing tore-down muscle fibers. Alongside rest, post-workout recovery is equally needed. Fast&Up Glutamine and Recover are some good options you must-have in your post-recovery arsenal. Just add 5g of L-glutamine to your favorite post-workout drink. Fast&Up Recover is an effervescent post-workout supplement with a complete profile of 20 amino acids. Drop the effervescent tablet in water, dissolve and drink.

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    The better you recover, the better you progress. Make it happen.

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