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4 Reasons Why You Should Have Vitamin C Rich Nutrition in Winter

All of us are well aware of the benefits that Vitamin C provides to our body. It plays an important role in many of our body functions like strengthening the immune system, absorbing iron, maintaining collagen, maintaining strong bones and others. Vitamin C being an antioxidant protects your cell from damage and body from harmful germs. All these benefits of Vitamin C make it a potent weapon to protect your body during the winter season especially with the temperatures dipping down significantly.

4 Reasons Why You Should Have Vitamin C Rich Nutrition in Winter

4 Reasons why you should have Vitamin C in winter are –

1. Provides Extra Care

Extra care is required in the winter season to protect oneself from getting infected. A better way to maintain your health can be to take adequate dosage of Vitamin C along with wearing warm clothes and avoiding cold food items to help your body stay safe from harmful pathogens. Since these viruses easily thrive in cold conditions, extra care in winter is of utmost significance.

2. Helps Prevent Cold

Catching cold is one of the most common and widely found diseases during the winter season. If not treated properly, it can magnify and lead to even worse. Vitamin C can come to your rescue as its anti-oxidant power is one of the most effective tools to fight against common cold and help you stay healthy.

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3. Aids to improve blood flow

Another essential body function during winter to stay healthy is adequate blood flow. It helps to keep your body warm so that all other organs function uninterruptedly. While this flow may be involuntary, you can aid it by in-taking enough Vitamin C to improve blood flow by improving dilation of blood vessels.

4. Helps maintain strong immune system

It is a very popular fact that Vitamin C is vital to maintain daily immunity. It’s an essential nutrient which plays a major role in your nutrition and health. Any deficiency of Vitamin C can lead to improper functioning of the immune system thereby weakening it against harmful germs and making your body vulnerable to many diseases. Thus, Vitamin C is essential to maintain strong immunity.

Climate these days is quite vulnerable and we feel cold and hot within the same day. This makes developing a strong immunity more important to help you resist germs that cause common cold and flu. Vitamin C rich diet is the best way to manage your health.
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