4 Lessons You Can Learn When You Run A Marathon
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4 Lessons You Can Learn When You Run A Marathon

street-marathon-1149220_960_720 (1) final It is said that, "If you want to win something, run 100 meters, if you want to experience something, run a marathon". Here are the 4 important lessons that you can learn when you run a marathon:
overcoming-1673170_960_720 IF IT DOESN'T CHALLENGE YOU, IT DOESN'T CHANGE YOU! Every challenge helps you know how strong you are and helps you know yourself better. Just like life's challenges, marathon is a similar challenge which puts you through a desperate struggle as you move forward in the journey. It's all about pushing your limits, striving hard and winning over yourself. The positive you are, the longer you are on the race track. So, if you think you can't run, stop thinking!
runner-race-competition-female The journey of race is just as journey of life. Just how a race is filled with small achievements, accomplishments of small goals, everyday discipline, months of hard work and training, life is just the same. Success is not a one-day story. Just like how you can't wake up one day and decide to run a marathon; it takes a series of disciplinary changes in your daily routine, like struggling to wake up early, progressing from brisk walk, to run-walk-run, to running a half to a full marathon. The same goes for life. Success is not just in being a university topper, or landing in a dream job, or getting married to the perfect life partner, success lies in these each smaller step taken towards the goals and in how you learn to grow and nurture along the way. And each of these smaller or bigger steps needs to be celebrated as we go along life. For life needs to be celebrated everyday!
runner-1544448_960_720 Running has many ups and downs, so does our life. One day, your run turns out to be your personal best and on the next day, it can be even your personal worst. While one tends to go through a lot of highs and lows like dehydration, cramps, injuries, emotional breakdown, etc. but they all tend to pass. Throughout life just as throughout running, we always move forward confronting all the challenges we face with a strong and affirmative belief that this too shall pass and things will get better for good. For a cramp free run, hydrate well with Fast&Up Reload on www.fastandup.in Reload gif-iloveimg-compressed
pexels-photo-669988 Each and every person is a different individual in himself. Each individual has a different way of building up his character and working on subjects like strengths and weakness. Everyone has a different life and different way of dealing up with things which helps a person grow strong in his life. Everyone runs their own life and in the best possible and convenient manner and hence it will be wrong to compare one's life or race journey with each other. To be a person who is hard to ignore and hard to beat - you have to look in the mirror and face yourself as your own competition. For, it's all about being better than what you were yesterday. Change your thoughts and you can change your life. Life is all about believing in yourself and backing the obstacles with self-belief. Isn't life just like a marathon? athletics-2876346_960_720 To break your performance barrier for the biggest race in Mumbai this 21.01.2018, visit www.fastandup.in

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Please note that there might be a delay in the dispatch due to the current situation of Covid-19