3 Kinds Of Drinks That Actually Dehydrate You And Why

3 Kinds Of Drinks That Actually Dehydrate You And Why

Staying hydrated is vital for the overall functioning of your body, and if you wish to function at your optimum level, it is best to ensure you stay hydrated. However, there are several drinks, that most of us regularly consume, that work against staying hydrated, and end up leaving us dehydrated. Dehydration can bog us down with muscle cramps, headaches, or simply feeling fatigued. To put it simply, dehydration is a foe to active living and impedes the process of any physical activity. So, let’s take a look at the drinks that dehydrate us, and we should avoid in excess as dehydration is just not worth it.
3 Kinds Of Drinks That Actually Dehydrate You And Why
Alcoholic beverages

As you may already know, alcohol is a diuretic that forces you to go to the bathroom far more often, and this drives the water out of your body. So, drinking responsibly includes consuming enough water to replace those lost fluids, so that you are not left with an excruciating hangover that makes you wonder why you ever drank in the first place! A simple solution to this is to consume a glass of water with every alcoholic beverage consumed, as well as after, every visit to the bathroom. You will be surprised at what a world of a difference this will make the next morning. An easy way to ensure optimum hydration is through these hydration drinks, that not only hydrate you instantly but will energize you and ease muscle cramps, which is a symptom of dehydration. (Note: these effervescent tablets are best suited for children above 8).
3 Kinds Of Drinks That Actually Dehydrate You And Why
Caffeinated drinks

No one enjoys the feeling of being dehydrated. It can be exhausting and often even painful. Caffeinated drinks can cause us to endure the symptoms of dehydration without actually being dehydrated. Symptoms such as headaches and dry mouths can be caused by caffeinated drinks such as tea and coffee.

Although a great alternative to caffeinated beverages is these hydration drinks, that hydrate instantly as well as gives a kick of caffeine to perk you up while you feel efficiently hydrated.
3 Kinds Of Drinks That Actually Dehydrate You And Why
Sugary drinks

Fruit juices, as well as any drink with high sugar content, can prevent the body from absorbing water. That’s why we strongly suggest these energy drinks are beneficial because of their supply of electrolytes and sodium, which help replenish hydration, fruit juice doesn’t have enough.
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