New Year Self- Care Plan 2019


A smiling goodbye to 2018 and a warm welcome to 2019. New Year with new hopes, new blessings, new challenges, and new vibes.

Situations are temporary but the only constant is you. Give yourself the priority. This time give yourself a self-care commitment and start right from the scratch. You have a reason and an opportunity both this time do not just let it go.

12 Months Self-Care plan:

PS: Take a picture before you start!

JANUARY- Give it a fizzy start

January is usually the month where you need some time to settle down and accept the new beginnings, this is where we go wrong when we expect that we should start with the plan from day 1. We are in a race with no one but we are striving towards self-improvement. Take your time, take it easy and fizzy! Set the pace as per your comfort zone and make January a warm-up month.

FEBRUARY- Ready, Set Go!

Settled- Check!

Warm Up- Check!

Now it is time to make a happy and a healthy start. All the things are ready all you have to do is make this month count.

MARCH- Focus on Legs

Take it slowly, take it one by one. Everything needs time. If you try to cover up all the things at one time you will end up in pandemonium.

Cardio first! As your body is moving, your body increases the energy level that helps burn the excess body fats. Cardio is an important part of workout which you cannot miss out (even if you are not working on with a workout plan.) Cardio is important, as it helps improve heart health and helps to maintain hormonal balance while increasing metabolism.


Take care of the food and fluids you intake, all the areas should be taken care of efficiently. Eat healthily, let your body enjoy all the health benefits after all you are on a self-care plan. Make the best out of it.

MAY-Skin care

This is important and you should handle with care. It is about the way you deal with it, as we are in the hotter seasons of the year, we face almost all skin related problems. Problems such as tanning, body heat, rashes and many more become frequent and hence it is important to ensure healthy hydration and nutrition. One should handle all the skin related issues with care as a skin is the most sensitive area requires proper nourishment. Your summer essentials are sun screen, moisturizer, healthy food, and Vitamin C.

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JUNE-Keep a track

It’s been 5 months since you have started, keep a track on the progress and feel the difference you are now in sync with your plans! Check if anything is left out or where you have lost the track so that before moving ahead you can line things up and continue.

JULY- Motivate

Exactly halfway! All the limitations are now challenges you have overcome. You are updated with the track list you are halfway done with halfway to go. This is a time to power on!

Remember: It always seems impossible until it’s done.

AUGUST- Abs now!

Give some attention to your abs now. It’s the time to fit in the clothes that you have saved in the wardrobe from so long hoping that one day you will get a chance to wear them. Make your dream come true and start working towards it.

SEPTEMBER- Check on Electrolytes

Hydration is the key, it is important to hydrate smart. Make sure you choose right source of electrolytes. Because dehydration is deadly.

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OCTOBER- Almost there

80% Down and 20% to go! Hard work will pay off and that is for sure. Do not give up and continue with the routine as you are about to reach the finish line.

NOVEMBER- Rest and Self-care

Stretch and Relax!

Go and treat yourself with a body Spa. Deck your wardrobe with new clothes and pamper yourself. This is a perfect time after all the hard work.

Note: Do not break the link!

DECEMBER- Celebrate the new you

Remember the picture you clicked before starting?

Take a picture now and compare it from the same picture that you clicked! You will see the results.

Celebrate the new healthy you and flaunt it!

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Isha Samtani

-Expert and Writer