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13 Reasons Why We Love These 13 IPL Players Of IPL 10, 2017

Published : May 19, 2017 8 mins read Updated On : Jul 19, 2022

13 Reasons Why We Love These 13 IPL Players Of IPL 10, 2017

India, where cricket is considered as a second religion have added another festival to its list which is Indian Premier League (IPL) to depict its omnipresent love for cricket all-over again. Cricket for India is no less than a romantic film makeover where you fall in love over and over again with each and every day, with each and every game, with a happy or sad emotional climax scene (*eyes rolling*). The Indian Premier League (IPL) has just witnessed its 10th IPL season (IPL Decade it is!!) and the roller-coaster IPL season that it has been, is now driving close to its end with some epic nail-biting finishes. The finale match for IPL 10 is now not far (can't wait!!). The heart beats are already racing for ?D? day!!

IPL 2017 Finale

When undoubtedly IPL 2017 has been one kick-ass season of its own history, there were some horrifying, thrilling, exciting, nail ? biting (hope there are some still left for the finale :p) finishes like not to forget the one between Mumbai Indians (MI) Vs. Gujrat Lions (Mumbai Indians - Aakash!! That SUPER OVER! Over this long journey of an IPL decade, IPL 10 has seen its fair share of some inexplicable action and drama which we experienced with a nervous tremor. Not to forget those electrifying performances which cannot be measured with a plumb line, those which got the crowd gung-ho with those wizardly spells and knocks! Here is a list of those 13 IPL PLAYERS OF IPL 2017:

  • MS.DHONI (Mr. Captain cool)

With reflexes as fast as a fraction of a fraction of a second with zero error, M.S.DHONI is ?THE? man behind the stumps in this 10th edition of IPL!! ?The powerhouse that he is!! It's a pleasure to the eye to watch him play while chanting DHONI!! DHONI!! Not to forget sessions of fans breaking the security to reach him on the field just to shake a hand or respectfully touch his feet! While IPL 10 has its own Captain Cool,     remains the Captain Cool of this Summer!

  • DAVID WARNER (Captain ? Team Sunrisers Hyderabadi Biryani)

David Warner is the most successful Australian skipper this IPL 10 has witnessed. David Warner, captain for Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) becomes the second player to score 600-plus runs in consecutive IPL seasons. With an amazing knock of 641 runs in 14 matches played in this IPL 2017, David Warner holds the orange cap currently after scoring the maximum runs in IPL 10. With a score of 126, David Warner tops the board of the highest scorer of IPL 10 as of now. He is also the skipper with maximum sixes of 26 this IPL 2017. With this, he will walk out with the team as defending champions this IPL 2017!! (Sun rises, Blink, Sun sets). #suchisthestory #ipl102017 Looks like Hyderabadi Biryani did spell its magic on the team for a while!! Energy for an Energizing Performance, https://www.fastandup.in/product/energize-malto-gel-pack-of-05/


13 Reasons Why We Love These 13 IPL Players Of IPL 10, 2017Jasprit Umrah often known as the Master of Yorkers has been the most difficult bowler to bat this IPL 2017 with 15 wickets off in 14 matches. Bumrah's traditional approach to bowling makes it very difficult for bowlers to read his baffled spell on the ball, leaving the batsmen bewildered, ultimately reaching back to the pavilion (sad dismissal they say). He has been the firecracker of this IPL 2017 with the amazing winning SUPEROVER he bowled that almost skipped a million heartbeats. Well, that's how Umrah does everyone Gum rah!!! BOOM BOOM BUMRAH! Here's the link to the First Super over of IPL 2017.

  • GAUTAM GAMBHIR (P.S. Aggression is the key to my batting!!)
Gautam Gambhir lately seen to exhibit aggression on field, has continued to depict the same this IPL 10 as well. Even Kolkata, known for its sweet traits did not work on immune Gambhir. His aggression continued throughout IPL 2017. Gautam Gambhir was previously a part of Delhi Daredevils (DD) Team and was recently snapped up by Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR). Gautam Gambhir has been a true leader so far in this IPL 10 and has scored 486 runs in just 15 matches to set a remarkable benchmark for his Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) team. Gautam Gambhir is normally seen to be aggressive on-field but not off-field. He normally recovers quiet faster and is all ready for his next game! Recover like https://www.fastandup.in/product/recover/
  • STEVE SMITH (Dhobi Hai ton Koski kami Hai!)
IPL 2017-Steve Smith

Steve Smith, an all-rounder English skipper has been in a great form throughout IPL 10 and has contributed 421 runs in just 14 matches so far in this season. Steve Smith has been an active captain for Rising Pune Supergiant (RPS) this IPL 10 with Captain in disguise M.S. Dhoni. He has the ability to score runs at a steady pace and has made few winning contributions this IPL 2017 for RPS and has led his team straight to the finals of IPL 2017.

  • Glenn MAXWELL (Jalisa naan waisa kaam! MAX does Maximum WELL played sixes!)
An All-rounder potential Australian skipper, Glenn Maxwell, swam across many teams like Delhi Daredevils (DD), Mumbai Indians (MI) and lastly Kings XI Punjab. Glenn Maxwell is currently the captain of Kings XI Punjab and has come up with a commendable performance for his team with 310 runs in just 14 matches with 7 wickets this IPL 10. Glenn Maxwell shares the giant record of scoring 26 maximum sixes in IPL 2017 with David Warner from Sunrisers Hyderabad. What an amazing PRO, all-round TOTAL performance, PROTOTAL performance!! #likeapro For a PROTOTAL Performance like a pro, https://www.fastandup.in/product/prototal/

Bhuvneshwar Kumar, the right-arm medium bowler is amongst the best Indian bowlers and has bowled an impressive haul of wickets this IPL 10. Talking about IPL 2017 here, Bhuvneshwar Kumar was a key element in the Sunrisers Hyderabad Team and was an eminent star for his team and had a major role behind his team's success as a defending champion in this edition of IPL 10. To help safeguard yourself with a pace attack, CHARGE yourself with https://www.fastandup.in/product/charge-vitaminc-supplements

  • SURESH RAINA (Secret ingredient behind energy!!)IPL 2017-Suresh Raina
Suresh Raina has been one of India's most confident and talented all-rounder. Oozing with talent as always, Suresh Raina, previously a crucial part of? Chennai Super Kings (CSK), continues to perform equally well even in the newly formed team, i.e. Gujrat Lions. Raina has scored an amazingly amazing 442 runs in just 14 matches with 1 wicket this IPL 2017. With Raina as a captain for the Gujrat Lions Team, Gujrat Lions Team have demonstrated amazing skills of cricket on-field this IPL 10. Suresh Raina remains to be a key ingredient in this Gujrati recipe. Now, Let us honor the unsung heroes of IPL 2017! Special Thanks to the Dhoklas, Faddis, Jalebis, etc.

  • BEN STOKES (Stoke for that Stroke)
BENNN STOKESSS, as Virat Kohli lovingly calls him (pun intended), has demonstrated some quality performances this IPL 2017. Ben Stokes, an English all-rounder, made his debut this year in this 10th edition of IPL as a quality all-rounder in Rising Pune Supergiant (RPS) ?is amongst those few to hit a century with a wow some 103* in this IPL 10. Ben Stokes portrays an amazing levels of fitness and focus with his game. Not to forget that amazing catch of the season. Can you #SpotThePink and guess what it is! https://www.fastandup.in/product/reload-tube-of-20-berry-hydration/

Rishabh Pant, an all-rounder Indian player, was the quick man behind and ahead stumps for Delhi Daredevils (DD). Rishabh Pant happened to lose his father just few days before IPL began, but he still played an amazing knock of 366 in just 14 matches this IPL 10 with his dedication and sportsman spirit he displayed in every game! At just 19 years of age, He has played with a lot of maturity this IPL 2017 with the true spirit of cricket and might not have won many games, but has definitely won our hearts! What a fighter! Must have had a strong warm ? up before the game to be able to deliver such a power -packed active performance. To Warm Up and Get Ready, https://www.fastandup.in/product/activate-pack-of-3/

Power-packed performer left handed batsmen Nitish Rana, previously a part of Delhi Daredevils (DD) has been amongst one of the key match winning performers for Mumbai Indians (MI). Nitish Rana has played in 13 matches and has scored 333 runs so far in IPL 2017. Rana has put up meaningful contributions in all the matches at such a young age. Nitish Rana seems to have carved himself an amazing path to his career as an awesome fine-tuned cricketer in this IPL 10. While he has been a refreshing flavor of the season, what has been yours.

IPL 2017-Parthiv Patel

Parthiv Patel, the wicketkeeper-batsman of Mumbai Indians (MI) has been a vital player to support few crucial innings and has helped Mumbai Indians (MI) defend their side. Parthiv Patel has been part of several teams before Mumbai Indians (MI) and has performed well since his IPL debut. He has contributed 377 runs in 14 matches this IPL 10 so far for his team and has been an entertaining player on-field.

  • ROHIT SHARMA (Fortify (45))
The Aamchi Mumbai skipper, Rohit Sharma, an integral part of the Mumbai Indians (MI) is in-charge of the Mumbai Indians team and has been in a great form this IPL 10. This right-handed batsmen has scored whooping 283 runs of just 15 matches so far in this IPL 2017. A lot about the team's performance relies on the shoulders of the captain. And Mumbai Indians (MI) seems to be very lucky when it comes to having a successful captain for the platen. Mumbai Indians (MI) were the first to qualify in the playoffs this season under the captaincy of Rohit Sharma. 45 (Fortify: P) being his Jersey no. is one of his exclusive traits as a skipper (pun intended)!! If you're wondering what this Fortify is.

IPL 2017 Final 

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