11 Feelings every competitive person will relate to

11 Feelings Every Competitive Person Will Relate To

Losing? What does that even mean?

1) Second place as good as getting last place to youCompetiteBlog12) You can race with anything. ANYTHINGCompetitiveBlog23) Physical Education wasn?t just a period, it was the reason why you went to school CompetitveBlog34) Every time someone outperforms you, you are saying ?I HATE YOU? internally while complimenting them on their performance CompetitveBlog45) Bragging rights gives you as much joy as the happiness of winning. (Probably even more)CompetitveBlog56) Your biggest fear is being in a team with people who aren?t as competitive as youCompetitveBlog67) Your partner questions their life choices when you both are playing any game during Games NightCompetitveBlog78) Working out next to someone at gym can get intense. Very intense.CompetitveBlog89) Sharing your game fuel? No thanks.CompetitveBlog9Low on your game fuel? Order today on www.fastandup.in

10) You can never play a casual game of rock, paper, scissors.CompetitveBlog1011) Proving people and your past failure wrong is your favorite pastime & hobbyCompetitveBlog11

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