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10 healthy New Year Resolutions

Published : Jan 06, 2022 3 mins read Updated On : Jul 22, 2022

HAPPY NEW YEAR! After a rollercoaster ride of a year that 2021 was, are you ready to enter the new year with more energy, positivity, good vibes and better health?

10 healthy New Year Resolutions 

This is the time of the year when we brainstorm resolutions aimed at benefiting our health and wellbeing. We have a pretty big list of our own too and we’re sure you have one too. In the wake of COVID– 19 and the new variants emerging, lets remember to follow our healthcare routines throughout the year 2022 and ahead, in the best way possible. To do so, here are some healthy new year resolutions that you can implement in your daily routines.

1. Prioritising immunity

Golden words to live by. If these is a great learning to take from these past years, then it is to take better care of our wellbeing. And who does immunity care right? That’s right, Fast&Up. Load up on our amazing range of vitamins and daily health supplements, never let healthcare go unchecked.

2. Eating healthy

The most crucial decision that supports any active or healthy lifestyle. From enhanced immunity, to mitigating the risks of chronic diseases and managing a healthy weight, numerous benefits come with making the right dietary choices. Cutting down on the junk and excessive sugar content, and adding more greens and protein to your diet should do the trick. 

healthy New Year Resolutions - Eat Healthy

3. More movement

We all have that one family member who encourages morning walks. Relatable? But did you know walking for just 15 mins on a regular benefit your cardiovascular strength, eases joint pains, strengthens muscle power, reduces excess fat from the body & reduce anxiety? Going to grab your sport shoes? So are we. While you’re at it, remember to hydrate well after your walks with our instant electrolytes, Fast&Up Reload.

4. Take the stairs more often

When you entire the premises of your building or office, try not to rush for the elevator. Rather take the stairs. It adds to your daily cardio and if done regularly, benefits your heart and overall health too. Besides there is quite a chance that you might reach your story faster than the elevator.

5. Open up about your feelings more

One may or may not be great at expressing their emotions, but bottling up on your emotions can cause emotional and mental challenges. If your feelings are not dealt with the healthy way, it could lead to increase in anxiety and stress levels and could lead to an outburst, which reflects on your health and immunity. Let's promise our self to turn to a friend or ally at times of need, lets choose to priorities mental health

6. Forming anti – resolutions

We often tend to pick up bad habits, not necessarily smoking, but it could be the little things, like saying yes to things you want to say no to, loading up on excessive snacks, making rash decisions, chasing people who don’t want you or overcommitting to people or work. Its not necessary that we meet every single expectation.

7. Try out a new workout routine

Shuffling your workout routines now and then has its perks. It helps stimulate different muscle groups and also keeps you interested in your routines. When you follow a certain routine, after a period of time your body adapts to that workout. Meaning even if you are putting in the work and effort, your body burns only lesser calories.

8. Limit sedentary hours

Do you often find yourself on the couch or by your table? Those hours of inactivity cause a bad impact on your health. Just sticking to one spot can increase the risk of cardiovascular challenges, lead to obesity and also make your bones weak. So instead of sitting in from of a screen, try getting some simple cardio like walking or any sort of activity that keeps you active.

9. Getting those crucial hours of sleep

An improper sleeping schedule has become a common factor amongst us. Sleep deprivation can reflect on your overall health and mood, weaken immunity, make you gain weight, plus it shows on your skin as well. But how do I get those crucial hours of zzz’s? Check out our newly launched Melatonin, our restful sleep formula. Pop on in 250ml water and sleep like a baby.
healthy New Year Resolutions - Sleep Well

10. Drink a few extra glasses of water

Fast&Up has been constantly initiating a conversation about staying optimally hydrated. If you get those 9-11 glasses daily, that’s the way to go. Staying well hydrated not only aids better body functioning, but helps cognitive functions as well. For the ones looking to better their hydration game, here’s out not very well-kept secret to fulfilling your body’s every hydration needs, our instant electrolytes, Fast&Up Reload.

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