10 Feelings Every Mumbai Runner Can Relate To

10 Feelings Every Mumbai Runner Can Relate To

#MumbaiMeriBhag is not an emotion

1) Expo - We Love Them!


Expos are a lot of fun! Not only do you collect your race day bibs & packets but you also get the opportunity to go from booth to booth and try out the new range of running centric products. You collect lots of pamphlets and goodies which make the Expo a fun outing before the BIG race! Another awesome part? You are surrounded by some of the best runners in the country and you feel excited to be in the same place as them! Do you want to know the most amazing this about the Get Active Expo on 16.01.2108? This year Fast&Up will be at the Tata Mumbai Marathon Get Active Expo 2018 and you can come visit us! Yes, your favorite marathon fuel will be at Stand No. 9 and you can come visit us and meet the Fast&Up Athletes too!

2)? The night before a marathon is about loading up on carbs.


Om Nom Nom - carb rich foods that are yum yum! There is a difference in fueling for the race and overeating and haven?t you heard - Eat Pasta Run Fasta! ;)

3) Hands on your BIB.


Wearing you running gear, your bib and taking a millon pictures of it - admit it cause we all do it!

4) Fix your feet ? Taping for blisters!


As they say - blisters are braille for awesome!

5) Worrying more about parking than running.

'Its my car dont destroy my car' as the traffic cops tow down the road , a man leans on to the car , in Bangalore on Saturday.[/caption] Before every run - Please gods of running, tell me how I can get free parking tomorrow along with a PB?

6) Celebrity Spotting During The Marathon


Your favorite celebrity and you love running - you both are so meant to be!

7) Those awkward moments - for others!


When the slow runners start sprinting from the start only to stand a few hundred meters into the race panting and with their hands on their hips. Hello! This is a marathon, not a relay.

8) You come across sign boards which make you laugh.


Our personal favorite - You Are Not Almost There (so many #feels)

9) Half way through the marathon, you are already looking forward to the taste of your energy gel.


Ah! That amazing taste of Strawberry & Banana - the nectar of running gods! Order today on www.fastandup.in to fuel your run!

10) And you conquered the world after you earned your finishers medal.


A new medal will be given to the finishers for the biggest run the country! The first marathon under a new name and the medal will be nothing short of a collectors item! ?
Once the race is over, you thank all your training friends,go blogging and posting pictures of your experience and bragging about your PB. Do you agree with the feelings we listed?

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