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10 Diet Tips to Make it Healthy Dusshera

Healthy Dusshera Diet

Dusshera is celebrated in different styles with different foods, dishes, recipes across different parts of the country. Various cultural and traditional events are inseparable parts of the festival. Dusshera in itself is a symbol of the triumph of good over evil where the demons are demolished along with evil residing within. Here are some healthy do’s and dont’s for this festive season which needs to be considered while spreading this happiness with near and dear loved ones –

  • Maintain sleep cycle:

Do not get sleep deprived or sleep at odd hours. It disturbs overall metabolic rate which might in turn affect the weight input.

  • And it’s all about sweets, round the corner!!!

Saying no to sweets during lovely occasion, not possible…right? Have patience. Have two bite rule which will help in choosing wisely and enjoying at the same time too. It means have two teaspoon of any favourite sweet dish of yours and drink a glass of water post 5-10 mins post consumption. Example: While grabbing gulab jamun/rasgulla, have 1 whole piece and extract the sugar syrup completely and consume it.

  • Have wholesome breakfast:

Have wholesome breakfast - Dasara Healthy Diet

Due to overload of happiness and celebrations, we often forget to have our important meal of the day. Incorporate good mix of carbohydrate-protein combination with some healthy fats added to it which will make the day more energetic and fruitful.

  • Physical activity:

No one would love to work out or spend day at the gym at this time. But some kick is needed to wave off those extra calories which is going to go in... Better to spend good quality time in yoga asana or free hand stretches or Zumba for 45 mins minimum. Of course it’s not time consuming and can be done at home at ease.

  • Load up some proteins:

Festivities food are very high either in sugar/salt or carbohydrates or both. We need to balance it out well. Instead replace sugar with stevia (artificial sweetener). Add good quality proteins with carbohydrate and balance it out well. Example: Instead of making carrot halwa, moong halwa can be prepared and relished.

  • Hydration, which many tend to forget:

Hydration, which many tend to forget

Due to overload preparations planned for the day, many people forget to stay hydrated at the same time. Instead, they switch to fruit juices, caffeine, sugary drinks which are easily available in-hand which adds on to unnecessary empty calories. Switching to lime chia seed water, coconut water, vegetable juices made at home, jaljeera etc. would prove beneficial.

  • Read nutrition labels:

Current generation are very choosy and specific to what they buy and eat. While marketing has taken a roller coaster ride, many of us tend to overlook quality over quantity. Famous terms like “no sugar” “low fat” “gluten free” attracts many. But the sad truth here is all “no sugar” labelled products do have high fat content and all “low fat” products do have high sugar content present in them. Hence reading nutrition labels is a must for all.

  • Eat fruits:

Having two fruits in breakfast or mid meals is a compulsion for all whether it’s a boring long day or any festive season like Dusshera. Never ever take a back seat on your fibre.

  • Portion control:

Whether its Holi or Dusshera, we all do face emotional eating…We eat without thinking along with mobile/TV engagement involved. This leads to stress in the body and unwanted weight gain. Eating small meals at a gap of 3 hours would help to overcome this situation. Eat only when you are hungry.

  • Be happy and go colourful on the plate as well:

While preparing many favourite cuisines and recipes for loved ones, don’t forget to add healthy vegetables in them.
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