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Neil Nixon Dsilva

Neil Nixon Dsilva


Name -Neil Nixon Dsilva

    Career Highlights -

      1.10k - 39 min
      2.HM - 1.30
      3.Ironman 70.3 - 4.39
      4.1st at pune triathlon - march 2018
      5.2nd at jaipur international triathlon - september 2018
      6.1st at Deccan olympic Triathlon
      7. Represented India at the ironman 70.3 World championship 2017
      8. Raise 4 lac rs for a charity through the world championship race

My Sport - Triathlon

hat I love about my Sport -

I have managed to beat my negative addiction by starting this sport. It has helped me grow as in individual over the last 3 years. It has taught be how to be dedicated, disciplined and determined in my life.

hat got me started -

Picked up cardio in gym back in 2015 to lose some weight. got hooked on to running from that time. and then one thing led to the other and I started my TRI journey

y fitness mantra -

What your mind can conceive your body can achieve!!

Biggest sport challenge -

Training infrastructure in India is very bad, no good roads to do my long rides outdoors.

Favorite sport memory -

Winning a slot to the ironman 70.3 world championship in my first ever triathlon race.

What i'd like to share with fellow fitness enthusiasts -

Anything and everything can be achieved if you truly believe in it and are willing to put in the hardworking that it takes.

Favorite Fast&Up fuel -

Bcaa and vitalize

What my normal training day looks like -

Typically 3 hours of training on a weekday and 4-5hours on the weekend. 4 swims, 5 bike sessions , 4 run sessions, 2 strength sessions in gym, 5 core and stretching sessions per week

Favorite place to train -

My bed room

My everyday fitness diet -

Lots of protein and carbs

My fitness inspiration -

Daniela Ryf for her consistency and Lionel Sanders for his comeback story & for reaching the highest level of sport despite of that

My biggest motivator -

Dream of getting a Medal for India at the Asian level

What pushes me to the finish line -

The dream that I am living

One goal that i'd like to achieve -

Medal for India at the 2022 Asian games

Importance of sports nutrition in my life -

Nutrition is the 4th discipline after swim, bike and run. Plays a very important role in how well I recover from my sessions to hit training again the next day.

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