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Kaustubh Radkar

Kaustubh Radkar


Name - Kaustubh Radkar

1. Career Highlights - Medals of Glory
Kaustubh has an impressive record of finishing the Ironman 15 times! A man of many talents, Kaustubh is a Finisher and an Ironman certified coach. If that wasn't enough, he is also the Fastest Indian at Comrades Ultra 2016.

2. His sport & what he loves about it - His Passion
Kaustubh is a runner and triathlete. He is very passionate about Triathlons and creating a healthy lifestyle that fuels his passion.

3. What got him started - How the journey began
A simple challenge - that is all it took to make Kaustubh embark on his wondrous fitness journey.

4. His fitness mantra
Kaustubh believes in a simple adage - Mind over Matter.

5. Biggest sport challenge
Finishing the Ironman in all 6 Continents - truly a Herculean undertaking!

6. Favorite sport memory
Kaustubh's favorite memory is when he finished his First Ironman in 2008, and as they say - he has never looked back since!

7. What he'd like to share with fellow fitness enthusiasts
Kaustubh believes that one should be very passionate about their sport and a healthy lifestyle can only be such when one is truly happy. Hence, he would like to share his belief that healthy and happy are the two sides of the same coin.

8. Favorite Fast&Up fuel
Kaustubh's favorite fuel is Fast&Up Recover - Intelligent Pre-workout nutrition to ensure are always raring to go.

9. What his normal training day looks like
Kaustubh believes in keeping on his toes! His normal training day involves swim and/or run and/or bike and/or gym (whew!).

10. Favorite place to train - Training Haven
Pune - There is no place like home for him!

11. Everyday fitness diet
Kaustubh doesn't believe in a diet. Instead, he prefers to eat a moderate spread of all Indian food.

12. His fitness inspiration
A family guy, Kaustubh credits his family for being his fitness inspiration.

13. His biggest motivation
Kaustubh's biggest motivation is his family. His parents, wife and kid are his biggest motivating factors!

14. What pushes him to the finish line
The challenge to do more pushes Kaustubh to the finish line. Clearly, there is no stopping him!

15. One goal he'd like to achieve
An apt reply from such an inspiration! When asked about a goal he would like to achieve, Kaustubh replied that he is still working on that.

16. Importance of sports nutrition in his life
Kaustubh says that sports nutrition has been an invaluable part of his life since the young age of 8 and cannot stress the importance of nutrition with training.

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Our WhatsApp number is currently not working. Please leave all your queries on info@aeronutrix.com or call us on Toll free No