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Dhanush Babu

Dhanush Babu


He's determined. He's hardworking. He's passionate. He's lightning quick! From dreaming of moving at the unconquerable speed to conquering the world stage, Dhanush has come a long way into his journey to being one of the fastest skater in the Country. He has won 10 National Gold Medals, 9 Silver and 4 Bronze Medals and was declared 'India's Fastest Skater' in the year 2016. He is Double Asian Bronze Medalist and the first person from India to grab it in the senior men category!

He managed to overcome a major illness which lasted 3 years to becoming the Fastest Skater in the Country with a record time of 25.05 seconds in a 300m sprint. He has overcome many hardships throughout his career but nutrition will no longer be a problem for him!