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Seema Yadav

Seema Yadav


Name - Seema Yadav

Career Highlights -

  • Adhm 2018 HM -1st -1.34.38
  • Tmm 2018 FM-2nd - 3.43
  • Idbi New Delhi Marathon 2018 FM - 1st - 3.31.59
  • Adhm 2017 HM - 2nd - 1.35.02
  • IdbiNewdelhimarathon2017 HM- 1st -1.38.36
  • Popourii 10k 2017- 1st- 44.48
  • Adhm 2016 HM - 3rd - 1.40.55
  • 6hr stadium run 2016 - 1st
  • Millennium city marathon HM -1st -1.41.50

My Sport - Running

What I love about my Sport-It's my me time. During running am just me not mother, wife, daughter, daughter in law.

What got me started -Running came to me as a part of bucket list. She started running in Jan 2016 in view to run my first 21km in adhm 2016. But i could run my first Hm within 1 month of my running.

My fitness mantra -Be better than yourself

Biggest sport challenge -To remain injury free.

Favorite sport memory -My first HM idbiDelhi marathon 2016 which i ran within 1 month of I started running and clocked 2.02. This was the run i danced on the beats of dhol, cheered people and even stopped to help a runner. So overall I enjoyed it thoroughly

What i'd like to share with fellow fitness enthusiasts -Be patient, consistent and disciplined.

My favoriteFast&Up fuel -Fast and up Reload it's the best hydration.

What my normal training day looks like -I run 4 times a week which includes intervals, fartlek, tempo and long run.Runs are followed by strength workout.Thrice a week i do yoga.

Favorite place to train -I train on roads around sector 12 Faridabad.

My everyday fitness diet -I don't take any specific diet but make sure that i eat simple homemade food which includes green veggies and avoid sugar and junk food.

My fitness inspiration -Fellow runners.

My biggest motivator -My mentor Col Arun Malik and my son

What pushes me to the finish line -Thought of people who look up to you and of course the sense of self-satisfaction which you get after finishing the run.

One goal that i'd like to achieve -To achieve Sub 90

Importance of sports nutrition in my life -Nutrition is equally important as training to improve performance and reduce risk of injury.