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Sangeeta Shetty

Sangeeta Shetty


1. Career Highlights - Medals of Glory
Sangeeta has an impressive list of accomplishments which include 75k, 100k , 24hrs race and 36hrs race. Sangeeta along with her husband, Sunil are the first Indian couple in Limca book of records to hold records for 100k, 24hrs and 36hrs race. Sangeeta has held podium positions in Hyderabad marathon, Kaveri trail, Bangalore Ultra, Endurathon 54, Spice Coast Marathon, 12hr Stadium Run, Zero Mile Nagpur Marathon, New Delhi Marathon, Spirit of Wipro races.

2. Her sport & what she loves about it - Her Passion
Running Ultra Distances has given Sangeeta confidence , a positive attitude towards life and making her feel young as a result. As she rightly puts it, you can run anywhere.

3. What got her started - How the journey began
Sangeeta's husband inspired her to run. Initially it was just to spend quality time with her husband but later running became her passion.

4. Her fitness mantra
Sangeeta believes that one should not diet as every ingredient is useful in someway or another. Live life with a positive attitude and bring discipline in your life by regularly exercising without any excuse.

5. Biggest sport challenge
Sangeeta's challenge was nothing less than test of spirit and she passed with flying colours! During a 100 km race at Bangalore Ultra, Sangeeta had tripped at 7 km and with the bleeding knee she completed the rest 93km!

6. Favorite sport memory
A lot of happy memories to choose from! In Sangeeta's words, '100km race when my husband and I completed the race and became first Indian couple to do 100km. My first podium at Kaveri Trail race (42 km) will always be close to my hear and a 12 hour Mumbai stadium run when I was the only woman among 32 men doing this race.'
Kudos to this inspiring woman!

7. What she'd like to share with fellow fitness enthusiasts
Sangeeta keeps it short and simple - Get into fitness because it will change your life forever.

8. Favorite Fast&Up fuel
Fast&Up Recover is the fuel that powers her training.

9. What her normal training day looks like
Sangeeta runs four days a week including speed workout, tempo runs, hill repeats and long runs.Two days a week are reserved for core and strength training.

10. Favorite place to train - Training Haven
For Sangeeta there is no place like home! She loves to train at an area near her Powai home.

11. Everyday fitness diet
Sangeeta does not believe in this concept and eats everything in moderation.

12. Her fitness inspiration
Her husband - Sunil Shetty.

13. Her biggest motivation
Sangeeta's husband, Sunil Shetty - Love runs strong here!

14. What pushes her to the finish line
The thought off all the hard work that has been put into the training is a big motivating factor for Sangeeta.

15. One goal she'd like to achieve
Run strong till her last breath.

16. Importance of sports nutrition in her life
Sangeeta believes the sports nutrition is a part of her lifestyle and she swears by it!

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