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Saloni Arora

Saloni Arora


Name -Saloni Arora

Career Highlights (Medals of Glory) 

Second position in Vadodara Marathon 2019, in the age category of 35-44. Have run over a dozen Half marathons and 10km runs. Running my second world major in London 2019. Featured in the running movie Limitless on my transformation on life due to running.

My Sport

Amateur Running

What I love about my Sport -

Lone sport. Running does not recognise strata and status. Everyone at the start line is equal. Also running though looks very simple requires form, technique, strong mind and heart. And lastly keeps you humble and grounded.

What got me started (How the journey began)

A traumatic experience in my personal Life. Running brought back my broken confidence, allowed me to fall in love with my own company and gave me the privilege of meeting some wonderful people.

My fitness mantra 

Be the change, you wish to see tomorrow. The Strongest running mantras - Dedication, Passion and Consistency.

Biggest sport challenge 

An Injury in 2017. Achilles tendinitis which kept me off running for three months.

Favourite sport memory 

A first podium at the Vadodara Marathon this year .

What i'd like to share with fellow fitness enthusiasts - 

Your body is your temple. What you reap with it you sow. you are the only one who lives in it so please treat it with respect.

My favoriteFast&Up fuel - 

BCAA supplement .perfect to power my everyday workouts and minimise muscle fatigue.

What my normal training day looks like -- 

3 days of running, 2 days of strength and flexibility. I normally try and complete all my training in the morning since it is followed by 12-13 hours of work.

Favourite place to train 

Kanteerva, Cubbon and DRDO. Since I travel a lot on work, I also carry my running shoes with me. I run in all the cities I go to either in the gym or if I am lucky to find like-minded running buddies, on the road.

My everyday fitness diet 

A balanced diet consisting of 5 small meals a day along with 12-12 intermittent fasting. Sunday’s are usually kept aside for cheating.

My fitness inspiration 

No one really

My biggest motivator 

My Husband and my family. My biggest supporters.

What pushes me to the finish line?

My Never Give up Attitude and the thought of working on improving my own timing year on year .

One goal that i'd like to achieve 

Run all world majors with a better time in each run.

Importance of sports nutrition in my life 

The need to add the right vitamins and minerals in my diet, so that I can be the best version of me.

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