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Ripu Daman

Ripu Daman


Name -Ripu Daman

Career Highlights (Medals of Glory) 

      1. Founder of Ploggers of India and Dubbed as India's First Plogger by a Media agency
      2. Plogging was named India's top fitness trend for 2018 by the Week magazine and they acknowledged our efforts to introduce it in India
      3. Drove India's first plogging bus at Tata Steel Kolkata 25K
      4. Podium at Millennium City Marathon
      5. Adjudged Fastest Runner at the PUMA Urban Stampede Bangalore
      6. Finisher at Legend's Cup Devil's Circuit

My Sport


What I love about my Sport -

You just need to wake up, lace up and you're ready for the run.

What got me started (How the journey began)

I have been a sportsperson all my life and was a university level runner at 800 and 1500m events till 2009. After a major hamstring injury in 2013 rendered me with a limp for 6 months, I never went back to any sports till 2016. And when I wanted to start again and improve my lifestyle, running seemed the most accessible sport. All I needed was a pair of running shoes.

My fitness mantra 

Small efforts consistently bring about major transformations.

Biggest sport challenge 

It’s a constant battle to balance going all out vs saving yourself for tomorrow. If you want long term gains, you need to listen to the body whilst pushing yourself.

Favourite sport memory 

    1. The finish at Ladakh marathon- the highest marathon at 11000+ ft. Battling through cramps on both my legs and extreme pain, I was able to finish the last couple of kilometers on my own feet gave me a real high
    2. My first unofficial HM. Here is the blog link for it

What i'd like to share with fellow fitness enthusiasts - 

Marathon is like life. Don't burn yourself out before your time.

My favoriteFast&Up fuel - 

Reload, Recover and Energy gel

What my normal training day looks like -- 

Wake up early, warm up a little and then its either intervals/tempo or LSD. Stretching and cool down are extremely critical. I mix it with body weight training or yoga. Myofascial rolling for release of muscle tension and recovery.

Favourite place to train 

I am constantly looking at finding new trails and routes to run. Its wonderful that running lets me explore new places like nothing else.

My everyday fitness diet 

I am a non-vegetarian. So I have meat in my diet on a daily basis along with regular home cooked food. Multi vitamins and whey protein added on alternate days .

My fitness inspiration 

Be better every day.

My biggest motivator 

A never ending motivation to be better than my yesterday self. Me against myself

What pushes me to the finish line?

It's a high that is unmatched and can't be expressed in words. It has to be experienced!

One goal that i'd like to achieve 

Represent India on the international stage.

Importance of sports nutrition in my life 

Extremely important for both building endurance and for recovery. So no matter what your fitness goals are, nutrition plays a crucial role.

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