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Rashmi Somani

Rashmi Somani


Name -Rashmi Somani

Career Highlights (Medals of Glory) 

      1. Won the gold at Tata Steel 25k 2017 (age category)
      2. Won the gold at IDBI Kolkata 42k in 2018 (age category)
      3. Won the silver at Tata Steel 25k 2018 (age category)
      4. Secured the 4th position at Tata Mumbai Marathon 42k in 2018 (age category)
      5. Won the gold at Kolkata trail Run 21k in 2018 (overall)
      6. Won the gold at Kolkata trail run 10k in 2019 (overall)

My Sport


What I love about my Sport -

Running is the best possible way to start a day. You can run anywhere, be it a park or the roads. You can run alone or with a group. Morning or evening. It's the most flexible sport.

What got me started (How the journey began)

Sports has been a constant part of my life since childhood. I have grown up playing tennis, badminton, swimming and athletics. After completing my M.Sc. in Economics, I moved to a new city for a job. My daily routine completely changed and I was left with no time for any physical activity. That's when I decided to start running, within my complex, post working hours. What gradually started with 4-5kms, pushed me into registering for my first 21k within a span of 6 months. I managed to complete that run and there's been no looking back since. I have completed 4 full marathons, 4 25ks, 14 half marathons and numerous 10ks.

My fitness mantra 

Your body can stand almost anything, it's the mind you have to convince.

Biggest sport challenge 

The biggest challenge is definitely convincing your mind to keep pushing. The minute you give up mentally, the run is over.

Favourite sport memory 

Running has given me the opportunity to complete 21k at the Ladakh Marathon in 2016. It was the most scenie route and definitely my favorite running memory.

What i'd like to share with fellow fitness enthusiasts - 

Every journey starts with a single step. The road to being fit requires a lot of patience and hardwork. But taking the first step towards it is the most important part.

My favoriteFast&Up fuel - 

Fast and Up Recover

What my normal training day looks like -- 

I usually run in the mornings, 3-4 days a week and gym the other days. Evenings I'm either swimming or playing badminton.

Favourite place to train 

Wide long stretches of roads for running

My everyday fitness diet 

I'm not very strict with my diet, but I try to make sure I consume some protein and salad daily, along with fastandup vitalize and fortify

My fitness inspiration 

My father. Always pushed me towards sports and fitness. And today at the age of 63, he's one of the fittest people I know and he is currently playing TT at a national level.

My biggest motivator 

What pushes me to the finish line?

The excitement of receiving a hard earned medal and knowing I have been mentally strong.

One goal that i'd like to achieve 

Would love to run the London marathon some day.

Importance of sports nutrition in my life 

Running long distances implies you are regularly pushing your body out of it's comfort zone. Hence you need to provide your body with the essentials so that it can function smoothly. So for me sports nutrition is a must and a part of my daily fitness regime.

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Our WhatsApp number is currently not working. Please leave all your queries on info@aeronutrix.com or call us on Toll free No