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Rashmi Gupta

Rashmi Gupta


She may have recently entered the running forum, but that hasn't stopped Rashmi Gupta from working hard to achieving outstanding results in her running. She is so dedicated that in a very short time, she managed to prepare herself for a marathon. Also the first woman in her running group to have completed the Wipro Chennai full marathon & the 3/4th CTC Ironman 2016. Even after achieving a personal best of 2.05 hours in a half marathon, she is not stopping! She strives to be the best!

She has played a vital role in co-ordinating the Core team at Marina Runnerz Marathon 2016 & Chennai Duathlon by Mongrels 2016 & 2017 which was a resounding success. For her running is 'me time' and she totally believes that running buddies is the best about running besides fitness. Organising and coordinating comes to her easily as she is a Businesswoman, privately into running her own Event Management firm.

She is willing to work extremely hard for the results she aspires. In this journey, we would be proud to support you and keep on fueling your run. We present to you, Rashmi Gupta! Welcome to the Fast&Up family!