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Idris Mohammed

Idris Mohammed


1. Career Highlights - Medals of Glory
Idris is one of India's top veteran athletes with various distinctions such as Ironman Finisher and Sub 9 hour Comrades Marathon Finisher to his name.

2. His sport & what he loves about it - His Passion
If you love what you do, then success will follow! Idris loves the recognition that comes from following his passion for running and triathlons.

3. What got him started - How the journey began
Idris' fitness journey began with a story that will resonate with a lot of us, a reason that we have all had at one point of time - he just wanted to lose weight.

4. His fitness mantra
Crisp but not lacking in power - Idris believes in doing what you can today to improve your performance of tomorrow.

5. Biggest sport challenge
Idris believes that the only person you are competing against is yourself and hence the only challenge you haveis to remain at the top in your sport which he does so with perseverance and passion.

6. Favorite sport memory
Truly unique like the individual himself, Idris' favorite memory is when he had 2 raw eggs before the start of his first Half Marathon (HM) in 2002 !

7. What he'd like to share with fellow fitness enthusiasts
Idris gives an advice that should be a cardinal rule of life - Don&t choose a sport because everyone doing it. Follow your passion.

8. Favorite Fast&Up fuel
Fast&Up Malto Gel - Conquer that wall!

9. What his normal training day looks like
A normal day for Idris breaks stereotypes related to runners because he wakes up late, goes for an hour long swim in the morning and run in the evening. He follows it up by having refreshments in the night and going to bed after midnight. This could seem surprising, but training regime is what suits the individual rather than a preset norm. Don't you agree?

10. Favorite place to train - Training Haven
Flyover - perfect if you think about it since discipline is bridge between goals and accomplishment.

11. Everyday fitness diet
A perfect husband - Idris says he eat whatever his cooks for him!

12. His fitness inspiration
An amazing philosophy to live by - Idris gains inspiration from his last race and prepares for the one ahead.

13. His biggest motivation
If his inspiration comes from the past, the future is his biggest motivator! Idris finds motivation in his next race.

14. What pushes him to the finish line
An answer not lacking in impact - The glory pushes him to the finish line.

15. One goal he'd like to achieve
Idris would like to set a bench mark time for Ironman event for Indian Veterans.

16. Importance of sports nutrition in his life
Idris believes in the importance of Intelligent Sports Nutrition and is of the opinion that it is key for race day performance.

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