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Garima Dhamija

Garima Dhamija


Garima is an extremely focused and determined woman - she is an entrepreneur by the day and a runner the other time. She handles the role of an entrepreneur, daughter, wife & mother with an enviable ease while also maintaining a healthy & active lifestyle!

Professionally, she is Co- Founder at Salto Dee Fe Consulting, an HR Consulting firm. Prior to founding this firm over 6 years ago, Garima worked in a corporate environment for 15 years. She is a published academic writer and a faculty member and several Business Schools.

Garima is a dedicated, disciplined and goal oriented runner and thoroughly enjoys the challenges that training for a full marathon throws. She has participated in Ottawa Marathon 2017 and Dubai Marathon 2018 and is looking forward to Berlin Marathon 2018. She manages to do this while keeping the 'Joy Of Running' her top priority! She is also a Yoga practitioner and tries to apply the Yoga philosophy in various aspects of life and work.

She is an avid reader, enjoys new experiences and always speaks her mind, especially when it comes to topics of equality, fairness and justice. Fast&Up fuels Garima who proves that fitness isn't about having time but making time. Leading an active lifestyle and managing work-life balance, Garima epitomises Fast&Up mission to fuel an active and healthy you! We are proud to introduce Garima as a Fast&Up Fit Squad Athlete. It fuels Garima, what fuels you?