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Bijay Nair

Bijay Nair


1. Career Highlights - Medals of Glory - In 2008 , I was struggling to loose weight at 107 kgs , life was weighing heavily on me . Though I was a armed forces officer and was supreme fit once upon a time . A hectic work schedule , a erratic food habits and erratic thyroid made me loose my battle to self . However , running came as a redemption , from a 1kms walk to almost 70 plus events including 12 hrs , 42kms etc

2. Your sport & what your love about it - I always believe Running gave me a new lease life . I Run therefore I am . Running is the mother of all other sports . Running is a equal sport , where a CEO runs and a helper runs too . Running identifies you by running and not by your designation . Running is pure joy .

3. Your fitness mantra - ' My battle is against me , My Race is against me ….. I will be a better and fitter person than yesterday '

4. Favorite sport memory - When My book on running #they inspire got released.

5. What your like to share with fellow fitness enthusiasts - Every one has a story . Every one has a failure . Success is the process of a new tomorrow . Believe in your self . If I can run , then anyone can run .