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Babu Ramaswamy

Babu Ramaswamy


1. Career Highlights - Medals of Glory
Babu has literally been leaving his mark on this world - he has finished 61 timed marathons across the globe and has also achieved the remarkable feat of finishing three 12 hour runs.

2. His sport & what he loves about it - His Passion
Babu is a runner at heart and loves the tranquil state of mind that comes with it. Running is his time to connect with himself, to introspect, to free his mind from its everyday business. His attachment to his sport is what makes him so great!

3. What got him started - How the journey began
Willpower to change small things about ourselves can lead to some great things and that is exactly what drove Babu to his sport - his decision to change his unhealthy lifestyle.

4. His fitness mantra
It's simple yet so effective - Stay fit, stay healthy.

5. Biggest sport challenge
His first 12 hour run - an arduous journey stretching the limits of his willpower, where he discovered he could be on his feet for 12 long hours. Certainly a memorable feeling!

6. Favorite sport memory
Babu is most proud of two things:
His personal best of 1:42 in ADHM 2
Successful completion on his 1st 12 hour run, with a big smile right till the finish line!

7. What he'd like to share with fellow fitness enthusiasts
A motto we completely agree with - 'Compete with yourself, not OTHERS. The biggest competitor you have is the person in the mirror.'

8. Favorite Fast&Up fuel
ACTIVATE - pre workout nutrition is the fuel he swears by!

9. What his normal training day looks like
Weekdays for Babu usually start with an early morning run with different variations every day, alternated with strength training.
Weekends include no breaks, and usually include longer runs (ranging between 20-35 kms).

10. Favorite place to train - Training Haven
Mumbai - Bandra to NCPA route
Cubbon Park - Bangalore

11. Everyday fitness diet
Before the morning run - one banana followed by ACTIVATE.
Post run breakfast - 3 three eggs omelette, tea.
Pre lunch snack - some nuts.
Lunch - Pulses ( dal ), vegetables, 1 chapati ( indian bread ).
Evening snack - typically a sandwich and tea.
Dinner - oats with vegetable gravy.

12. His fitness inspiration
Satish Gujaran, Sunil Shetty.

13. His biggest motivation
Satish Gujaran, Dr. Shweta Iyengar ( wife )

14. What pushes him to the finish line
The voice within.

15. One goal he'd like to achieve
Completing World Majors and Bill Rowen Medal at Comrades 2018 - impressive list!

16. Importance of sports nutrition in his life
Babu strongly believes - Whether you're a professional athlete or an aspiring one, nutrition is fundamental to one's athletic performance. The right diet will optimize your energy levels and help your body recover more effectively, and he can certainly swear by this from his experience with running!

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Get Free Sipper on orders above INR.750