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Ankita Gaur

Ankita Gaur


1. Career Highlights - Medals of Glory
Ankita took part in the 43rd Berlin Marathon Marathon with a Personal Best (PB) of 3:37:22. Then it was the TCS World 10K 2016 Gold Medal for her age caegory. Podium Finish in her first Full Marathon and Podium Finishes in Staircase Dash 2014 and 2015, 10K Challenge 2015 and 2016, Satara Half Marathon 2015, Pinkathon 2015, TROT 2015, Bluemix Half Marathon 2014! Impressive and awe inspiring, there is no stopping her!

2. Her sport & what she loves about it - Her Passion
Running and Cycling. The reason for her loving the sport is simple - she can start anytime, anywhere with no restrictions, no boundaries and minimal equipment requirements. It is just me, myself and I

3. What got her started - How the journey began
Ankita's story will probably resonate with a lot of fitness enthusiasts. Ankita had been into sports since childhood but had gained weight during the early years of her job. She desperately wanted to get back into fitness and lose weight. It began with regular swimming to get back on track and she took up running because it was easy. Since then, she never looked back and the rest as they say is history!

4. Her fitness mantra
Be Disciplined, be determined, be dedicated but at the same time listen to your body.

5. Biggest sport challenge
Being a woman runner, Ankita feels personal safety is a big challenge specifically when running alone.

6. Favorite sport memory
Getting prize for First Half Marathon Podium from the very Humble Milkha Singh. A sport memory that any athlete would definitely cherish!

7. What she'd like to share with fellow fitness enthusiasts
Ankita suggests to be be disciplined and dedicated to your workout. She also says to listen to your body. Keep yourself injury free and participate in races wisely. Don&t be a part of rat race!

8. Favorite Fast&Up fuel
ProTotal, Recover & Charge are what Ankita swears by to fuel her sport!

9. What her normal training day looks like
A speed workout with my running buddies followed by a gym or a yoga session.

10. Favorite place to train - Training Haven
Into the wild that lets her spirit run free!

11. Everyday fitness diet
A good home cooked meal in proper ratio of carbohydrate, protein and fat.

12. Her fitness inspiration
In Ankita's words, 'Steve Prefontaine and his quote 'Today looks like a good day to die' always comes to my mind before a race.'

13. Her biggest motivation
An amazing thought - Every failed goal and every goal that she has achieved has motivated Ankita to move forward.

14. What pushes her to the finish line
As Ankita rightly says, 'I remember the hard work during my trainings, moments when I have pushed myself harder and dug deeper.'

15. One goal she'd like to achieve
Injury free running is Ankita's priority. Easier said than done, we are proud to fuel Ankita in her quest to achieve this goal!

16. Importance of sports nutrition in her life
Ankita believes that a balanced nutrition complements your training. Its helps you dig deeper and defy your limits.

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Get Free Sipper on orders above INR.750