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Yuvraj Walmiki

Yuvraj Walmiki

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  1. Birthday – 29.11.1989
  2. Career Highlights
    • 2014 World Cup
    • Asian Championship- Gold Medal
    • Only Indian to play in German League for last 6 years
    • Played 90 Games for India
    • Maharashtra State Highest Civilian Award Shiv Chatrapati Award
    • My Sport – Hockey
  3. My Sport – Hockey
  4. What I love about my Sport - I love everything about my Hockey. Hockey has given me identity where people know me across the globe. Hockey is a team game and in team game you learn a lot of discipline, it teaches you leadership quality and many more such things.
  5. What got me started - My Childhood & my class mate Boon Dsouza who got me into hockey in year 1999. When I was 10 years old
  6. My fitness mantra - Motivate the mind and the body will follow
  7. Biggest sport challenge - My life was a challenge itself. Stayed in a house where we din even had electricity connection, no water connection and not even a toilet. Stayed in 10 by 10 square feet house till 2011. Till I was 21 yrs old. So the struggle was hard but was worth it. No pain No gain
  8. Favorite sport memory - When I debuted for team India in 2011 and in the same tournament in the finals scoring winning goal against Pakistan. Where India won Asian Champions Trophy for the 1st time.
  9. What i'd like to share with fellow fitness enthusiasts - Don’t give up in life. Keep working hard. They more you work hard. The more success you get. The more success you get the more recognition and awards you get.
  10. My favorite Fast&Up fuel - Berry Flavour Reload
  11. What my normal training day looks like - When I train it’s not normal. I train like a beast.
  12. Favorite place to train - Pilates and Hockey Stadium
  13. My everyday fitness diet - I don’t really follow a strict diet. But I eat which is good for my body.
  14. My fitness inspiration - Fast & Up Instagram Handle. I see a lot of athletes doing such great things in various fields.
  15. My biggest motivator - My parents & off course my Idol Mr. Dhanraj Pillay The living legend of Indian hockey.
  16. What pushes me to the finish line - The Colour of the Medal
  17. One goal that i'd like to achieve - Seeing Indian Hockey Revive the lost glory of such a beautiful game
  18. Importance of sports nutrition in my life - It has genuinely helped me a lot. Sports Nutrition is a must for all the professional athletes.