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Vilassini Sundar

Vilassini Sundar

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Name : Vilassini Sundar

Email address :

Birthday :  23/05/1996

Career Highlights: Medals of glory

Participated in Asian Surf Championship. National Surf Champion. National Surf Champion in Stand up paddle race. First professional female surfer from Tamil Nadu. Junior National Gold medalist in swimming before pursuing surfing.

Her Sport and what she loves the most about the sport:- Her passion  

Surfing and Stand Up Paddler

Every day is so challenging with different forecast and its super adventurous out there in ocean

What got her started:How the journey began

I had always wanted to learn the sport surfing being a really good swimmer.

My fitness mantra 

Keep trying, can't stop won't stop

Biggest sport challenge 

World championships and Olympics

Favorite sport memory 

It's always fun to surf, but once a pod of dolphins came so close to shore while surfing that's the favorite memory. And becoming the national champ

What he'd like to share with fellow fitness enthusiasts:

Never give up on any aspect

Her favorite Fast&Up fuel 


What her normal training day looks like:

Morning surf session from 5.30 to 9/ two sessions during season. Evening gym/ESD 4.30 to 6. Yoga before sessions.

Favorite place to train 

Kovalam in TN, Covelong point.

Her everyday fitness diet

Eat healthy and keep hydrating.

Her fitness inspiration 

Serena Williams

Her biggest motivator

Anabella andrewson and Serena Williams

What pushes her to the finish line:

The sec I think of the gold medal around my neck.

One goal that she'd like to achieve:

Get top ranks in world championship and be the national champ consistently .

Importance of sports nutrition in his life

Very much essential.