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Sunayna Kuruvilla

Sunayna Kuruvilla


Her love for her sport is awe-inspiring, her presence in the court demanding your attention. She is none other than Sunayna Sara Kuruvilla! The squash player was recently crowned Junior.

National Champion and has the achieved the following:

-Represented India in the World Juniors 2015,2016 & 2017

-Represented India in the SAF Games 2016 and won a Gold in the Team Event.

-Represented India in the World Women's Team Championship 2016

-Two Time Girls U-19 National Champion (2016& 2017)

-Bronze medalist at the Asian Junior Individuals 2017

-Currently ranked No.92 in the World and just 'squashes' all her naysayers with her performance!

Fast&Up is proud to fuel Sunayna Kuruvilla and support her in the endeavor to leave a mark on the sport.

Welcome to the Squad and Fast&Up says with pride that it #FuelsTheFinest