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Rutuja Bhosale

Rutuja Bhosale

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Name –Rutuja Bhosale

Career Highlights -

  • Asian Junior Champion
  • Women’s singles National champion at 15
  • Asian Games 2018 -Fed Cup representation 2012/13/18
  • Was ranked Number 1 in India under 12/14/16/18
  • Several doubles and singles title in ITF Women’s tournaments around the world.
  • Several wins over players in top 200 and a top 100 win in December!

My Sport -Tennis

What I love about my Sport -

The competitiveness that teaches nothing comes have to earn your spot!

What got me started -

Started with several sports but loved competing alone out there in my first under 8 tournament. Though I lost in the first round it made me love the sport!

My fitness mantra -

Remember to breath

Biggest sport challenge -

Traveling and staying away from family!

Favorite sport memory -

About me- Winning my first ever WTA event match as a 16 year old Tennis in general - when Roger Federer won his first Roland Garros!

What i'd like to share with fellow fitness enthusiasts -

Keep exploring different fitness routines as trainers and apps have so much to share, from making athletes to staying fit!

My favorite Fast&Up fuel -

Reload &promega

What my normal training day looks like -

Morning -Hour and half of fitness followed by 2 hours of tennis Afternoon- 2 hours of tennis followed by fitness

Favorite place to train - I love the gym, especially if it’s outdoor!

My everyday fitness diet -

Changes according to country as every place has different availability. But basic eggs, bread, fruit,dry fruit and liquid intake remain the same.

My fitness inspiration -

Any person who regularly makes an effort to stay fit for their own good inspires me to stay fit!

My biggest motivator -

My parents

What pushes me to the finish line -

THard work and persistence

One goal that i'd like to achieve -

Compete in the big league consistently! Top 100 to top 10

Importance of sports nutrition in my life -

I feel sport nutrition is very significant in any athletes life! Especially now when the sport is getting older and new fitness levels it become very crucial how I stay fit...not only working hard on the court and gym but also how I recover after all my sessions and matches! It is very important for me to eat right and feel prepared on the court to sustain out there in any weather conditions.