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Purav Raja

Purav Raja

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Name - Purav Raja

Career Highlights -

Davis cupper, Career high ranking of 51, Two ATP tour event titles in Bogota and Los Cabos

My Sport -Tennis

What I love about my Sport -

Worldwide competition

What got me started -

The desire to be playing at Wimbledon

My fitness mantra -

Impossible is nothing

Biggest sport challenge -


Favorite sport memory -

Winning a tie for India

What i'd like to share with fellow fitness enthusiasts -

Do small things daily rather than big things once

My favorite Fast&Up fuel - Reload cola!

What my normal training day looks like -

Practise for 2-3 hours in the morning, gym in the afternoon and then rehab or swim or massage in the evening

Favorite place to train -


My everyday fitness diet -

Stay away from coke zero or any diet drinks

My fitness inspiration -

Sohrabkhusruhashi- SOHFIT co-founder

My biggest motivator -

My family!

What pushes me to the finish line -

The ability to make my friends and family believe that impossible is nothing

One goal that i'd like to achieve -

Win a grandslam

Importance of sports nutrition in my life -

Vitally important when I am travelling 40 weeks a year - always activate hydarate n recover right, Fast and Up makes this all much easier :)