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Lucian Goain

Lucian Goain

Football Player

Name -Lucian Goian

Career Highlights -

  • Under 21 Romania National Team
  • Dinamo Bucharest
  • Tianjin Teda
  • Beijing Baxy
  • Perth Glory
  • Mumbai City FC

My Sport -Football

What I love about my Sport - All

What got me started -Love

My fitness mantra - Ok

Biggest sport challenge - Winning

Favorite sport memory -

Playing against Manchester United

What i'd like to share with fellow fitness enthusiasts - Yes

My favoriteFast&Up fuel - Reload

What my normal training day looks like - Training on the pitch

Favorite place to train - Football pitch

My everyday fitness diet - NormalMy fitness inspiration - Power

My biggest motivator - Me

What pushes me to the finish line - Desire to win

One goal that i'd like to achieve - Champion of India

Importance of sports nutrition in my life - Very