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Iain Hume

Iain Hume


Name - Iain Hume

Career Highlights -

Professional Debut in 2000 aged 16, 580+ Professional Apps, 140+ Professional Goals, English League One Champions 2013, English League 2 Playoff Winners 2014, ISL Hero of the League 2014, ISL Team of the Year 2014/15/16

My Sport -Football

What I love about my Sport -

It's all I've known since I was 4 years old. It's the best, most supported sport in the world.

What got me started -

Coming from a Scottish family, Football is like a culture. Was never forced in to it, but fell in love with it at a very young age.

My fitness mantra -

Just that I want to win, and try and be the best. I've gone my whole career with the same mentality, work harder than the guy next to you and you will never go wrong.

Biggest sport challenge -

Having played 15 years in England, I'd have to say moving to India to play in the inaugural Indian Super League was my biggest challenge.

Favorite sport memory -

Making my debut for Tranmere Rovers FC on April 15, 2000. It was the beginning of a career I could only dream of.

What i'd like to share with fellow fitness enthusiasts -

What my father always told me as a kid and even until this day. "You only get out of the game, what you put in! If you give it your all, nobody can ever question you!" That works in all walks of life!

My favorite Fast&Up fuel - Reload

What my normal training day looks like -

It varies dependant on how close to a match day. If a game is on Saturday, then Mon-Weds tends to be a bit more intense. Normally Training on the pitch in the morning for about 2 hours with intense training. Then in the gym for 60-90 mins in the evening doing a variety of different gym sessions (legs/upper body/cardio/balance work). The closer it is to match day, the workload reduces and you work more specific on the job at hand in the match.

Favorite place to train -

Honestly, I try to make the most of anywhere I can train. Whether it be out on my bike at night, running through the forest, or even doing a gym session. Variety is a key ingredient to keeping things fresh and interesting.

My everyday fitness diet -

It varies from training day to match day. During the week I try to avoid too much carbs and more on protein as the workload is a bit less. But approaching match days, I try to carb overload to ensure my body is readily fuelled for the job in front of me.

My fitness inspiration -

My teammates & opponents. I see & take in different aspects of their game. If they have something that impressed me, I try to get myself to that level. Always thrive to improve, because nobody is perfect.

My biggest motivator -

My family! I am privileged to have been a professional football player for as long as I have. But I will never take for granted that I am able to do what I love and get paid to do it! Providing a future for my family, doing what I love is, is as much motivation as I need.

What pushes me to the finish line -

Trying to be the best! I will never be content not winning! But rest assured I will give my all.

One goal that i'd like to achieve -

On a realistic level, I have achieved everything that I could have. My next goal though, is getting to 600 games & 150 goals. Then I will set new targets.

Importance of sports nutrition in my life -

Sports and nutrition go hand in hand. If you don't fuel the body correctly, it will never be able to function at its best. You want the best results, do things right!


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