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Harshit Aggarwal

Harshit Aggarwal

Badminton Player

Harshit Aggarwal (Badminton)

  1. Birthday – 09.08.1996
  2. Career Highlights - Winner at Abu Dhabi International in men’s singles, Bronze medal at Mexico international in men’s singles, Bronze medal at Brazil challenge in men’s singles, Bronze medal at Jamaica international in men’s singles, Silver medal at Senior All India men’s singles at Bangalore, Silver medal at Bareilly Senior All India men’s singles
  3. My Sport – Badminton
  4. What I love about my Sport – Speed
  5. What got me started - Summer coaching
  6. My fitness mantra – Consistency
  7. Biggest sport challenge - Fitness and strength
  8. Favoritesport memory - When I won my first international tournament
  9. What i'd like to share with fellow fitness enthusiasts - Be disciplined and be consistent
  10. My favoriteFast&Up fuel – BCAA
  11. What my normal training day looks like.. *
    • 5:30-7:30am - Track running
    • 10-12:30pm - On court drills
    • 3:30-5pm. - Gym/On court drills
  12. Favorite place to train - Karnataka Badminton Association
  13. My everyday fitness diet - Before breakfast- banana and dry fruits Breakfast - 3/4 idli and milkshake During workout- banana and water Lunch - 1 cup dal, 1 cup curry, 3-4 chapatis and 1 cup rice Evening snack - paneer sandwich and milkshake Dinner – pasta
  14. My fitness inspiration - Lin Dan
  15. My biggest motivator - My coach Anup Sridhar
  16. What pushes me to the finish line - The thought of winning in a match
  17. One goal that i'd like to achieve - Top ten in the world
  18. Importance of sports nutrition in my life - Extremely important


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Get Free Sipper on orders above INR.750