Aarathy Kasturiraj
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Aarathy Kasturiraj

Aarathy Kasturiraj

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NAME- Aarathy Kasturiraj

DATE OF BIRTH- 22/05/1994

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS- Represented India in the 18th Asian Games in Indonesia. Silver medal in the relay in the Asian championship. Holds the national record for India. Finished 7th in the world championships.

MY SPORT- Roller skating

WHAT GOT ME STARTED? (HOW THE JOURNEY BEGAN) - I saw children skating in a park and was fascinated by it so asked my mom to enrol me in the classes. My parents always wanted me to take up some sport.

MY FITNESS MANTRA- Keep working towards your dream it will come at the right time.

BIGGEST SPORT CHALLENGE- Managing it with studies.

FAVOURITE SPORTS MEMORY- Winning the Swiss inline cup in 2015

WHAT I LIKE TO SHARE WITH MY FITNESS ENTHUSIASTS- There is no shortcut to getting fit and just keep working hard.

MY FAVOURITE FAST&UP FUEL- the Fast&Up gel. Works really well for me when I take it before my long-distance races.

WHAT MY NORMAL TRAINING DAY LOOKS LIKE- Morning training 5.30-7 and then to college and evening training 6-8

FAVOURITE PLACE TO TRAIN- in India I like training in Chennai itself because we have one of the best tracks here and my gym sessions are good too. Outside India, I like training in Belgium.

MY FITNESS INSPIRATION- No one in specific. A lot of them inspire me.


WHAT PUSHES ME TO THE FINISH LINE? - The thought of how much I worked to get there.

ONE GOAL THAT I’D LIKE TO ACHIEVE- winning a medal in the world championships.

IMPORTANCE OF SPORTS NUTRITION IN MY LIFE- it’s very important cos during training hydration plays a major role and the recovery post-training to avoid injuries.

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