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Shubham Sarangi

Shubham Sarangi


Name - ShubhamSarangi

Email address - [email protected]

Birthday – 24/06/2000

Career Highlights (Medal of Glory)

      1. Winner Nike Premier Cup with U15 Minerva Punjab FC (also the 2nd highest goalscorer with 14 goals in 8 matches and captaining the side)
      2. Top scorer of U16 Goa Pro League for U16 India Team organised by Goa Football Association
       3. Represented U17 India in Torneo de 4 Naciones Tournament in Mexico which featured Mexico, Colombia and Chile
      4. Became the youngest debutant for ISL franchise Delhi Dynamos FC against FC Pune City in 2018-19 Season
      5. Became the first Indian Youth player from Delhi Dynamos FC to train in Doha with its partners The Aspire Academy.

His Sport what I love about His Sport (His Passion) - Football.

My sport is a team sport. It builds friendships on and off the pitch and helps the team to become a cohesive unit. It also gives me the opportunity to represent my country and make the nation proud.

What got him started (How the journey started)-

Ever since I shifted to Delhi as a child, I used to peep out of my balcony looking at the older boys play in the ground. Them kicking the ball from one end to the other got me excited and that is when I made up my mind to play football

His fitness mantra -

The learning curve never comes to a standstill. Always strive for progress and keep at it till you achieve your shorter goals as these shorter goals ultimately lead you to achieving your ambition

Biggest sport challenge -

To keep ones motivation and concentration level to the highest on a daily basis

Favourite sport memory -

When I scored the winning goal for my team (U17 India Team) in Brazil against Orlando City in Atletico Paranaense International Tournament

What he'd like to share with fellow fitness enthusiasts -

Fitness is a way of life. It doesn't come easy. You got to sweat it out to achieve the final results. Don't think of fitness as a task. Take joy in your workouts!

His favourite Fast&Up fuel -

Multivitamins and Fast&UpPromega

What his normal training day looks like -

Training with the team 90-120 mins and evening individual session for 90 mins (includes cardio, strength and conditioning and weight training)

Favourite place to train  -

Football Ground any day!

His everyday fitness diet -

Fruits and eggs are an essential part of my daily diet. I always like to include Pomegranate

His fitness inspiration  -

Cristiano Ronaldo

His biggest motivator -

My own self belief and confidence

What pushes him to the finish line -

The feeling of accomplishing something that I had set ou - t to do before beginning something.

One goal that he'd like to achieve  -

To keep working hard - on a daily basis to one day play professionally in Europe

Importance of sports nutrition in his life -

Sports nutrition is essen -tial for performance enhancement on the field. It also replenishes the body with nutrients that are otherwise hard to derive from general intake of food. I like to balance the two always.

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Please note that due to the current situation of Covid-19, cities under lockdown may face a delay in the dispatches