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Vardhan Malhotra

Vardhan Malhotra


Name : Vardhan malhotra

Email address :

Your Birthday :  20/08/1991

Career Highlights: Medals of glory

He won Amateur Olympia. He says this is just the start and going all strong ahead smashing all the competitions

His Sport and what he loves the most about the sport:- His passion  


He loves the fact how bodybuilding makes a person fit, helps maintaining good health and an active lifestyle.

What got him started:How the journey began

Watching those bodybuilder posters in gym helps him push forward.

My fitness mantra 

Eat clean sleep relax

Biggest sport challenge 

To gain weight about 90kg.

Favourite sport memory 

When I got my first medal!

What he'd like to share with fellow fitness enthusiasts:

That fitness is what you all love.To be in your best self, inside your body.To maintain proper physique is hard but yes, it is true that it’s lead you to the best version! So, try to be fit.

Her favourite Fast&Up fuel 

BCAA (green apple)

What his normal training day looks like:

It’s a cheat day

Favourite place to train 

Any gym

His everyday fitness diet

Equal ratio of carbs, then protein with fibres!!

His fitness inspiration 

Handicap working peoples

His biggest motivator


What pushes him to the finish line:

That this time I will achieve gold medal

One goal that he'd like to achieve:

Mr Olympia title.

Importance of sports nutrition in his life

Yeah that’s what boosts your fitness in your life we all need this!