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Shweta Sakharkar

Shweta Sakharkar


Name - Shweta Sanjay Sakharkar

Email address  -

Your Birthday - 21/05/1991

Career Highlights - Medals of glorySecured 6th place in Jerai Goa Tour and preparing to go stronger this time.

Her Sport and what she loves about her Sport: Her passion -    VolleyBall, Soccer, Fitness Influencer

Every sport makes you stronger - Mentally and Physically

What got me started: How the journey began - Seeing my mom’s passion towards Fitness

My fitness mantra - Create Your Worth

Biggest sport challenge - To be stronger day by day

Favourite sport memory  - I have a lot of them,mentioning one wouldn't be fair enough

What she'd like to share with fellow fitness enthusiasts... *- You know your body the best, understand and develop the way you want .

Her favourite Fast&Up fuel  - Vitalize and Promega

What my normal training day looks like - Morning cardio and evening weight training

Favourite place to train  - Every place is until I get to train there even if the place is small and has the most basic equipment's

Her everyday fitness diet - My coach Freddy changes my diet as per our goal

Her fitness inspiration - My Mom

Her biggest motivator - My Parents

What pushes her to the finish line - To be a better myself everyday

One goal that she'd like to achieve - Be people's champion and someone who can influence in good means

Importance of sports nutrition in her life - It's the key to your desired goal, you mess here and everything goes down the drain.