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Saatyam Kaul

Saatyam Kaul


Name : Saatyam Kaul

Email address :

Your Birthday :  18/09/1992

Career Highlights: Medals of glory

2016 Mr India over all Men's Physique title

2017 Mr India over all Men's Physique title

Sheru Classic 2018(Mumbai) bronze medal

My Sport and what he lovesabout his Sport: His Passion  


Posing and this sport pushes me to see the limit I can dedicate myself

What got him started:How the journey began

honestly I saw Salman in his shirt less song and I decided to get such body and with time i learnt about Men's Physique that crazed me .

My fitness mantra 

Dedication, Discipline and Diet

Biggest sport challenge 

Mentally it challenges because I stay without salt and sugar for months even water during last days of prep.

Favourite sport memory 

When I met Jeremy Bunedia in Mumbai at Sheru classic backstage.

What he'd like to share with fellow fitness enthusiasts:

Let’s be proud of each other’s achievements cause at the end we represent our country India.And let’s not pull down anyone.Rather let’s get United and make sports category in India an important one.

Her favourite Fast&Up fuel 

Vitalize mainly

What his normal training day looks like:

In normal day I train single muscle.

Favourite place to train 

Gym is my second home

His everyday fitness diet

Combined of high amount of protein,carbs and fats.

His fitness inspiration 

Jeremy Bunedia

His biggest motivator

My aunt(buwa) and my girlfriend Resha

What pushes him to the finish line:

My phyco behaviour towards men's physique.Do or die is what I believe

One goal that he'd like to achieve:

IFBB pro card and best poser .

Importance of sports nutrition in his life

People think gym 70% and diet 30% but i believe its its 50-50 in both.Sports nutrition is like a pillar to athletes .Making things easier.