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Rajesh Kumar

Rajesh Kumar


Rockie R

  1. Birthday – 11.08.1992
  2. Career Highlights -
  • Judge @ international Bodybuilding championship ( Boss classic) & NBC champion atmarutius
  • Mr.Tamilnadu&Mr.Krishnagiri at 2013-2015
  • Mr.karanataka in 2016
  1. My Sport - Bodybuilng,weightlifting
  2. What I love about my Sport - When you are in public or whenever you go people wait to see you and ask about you that feeling & without physique nothing s important.
  3. What got me started - Lots of misconception & myths in the industry and it is hard to find peoplewho have ethics.
  4. My fitness mantra - Your body is a temple where your soul resides, take care of that don't let anybody stop you from chasing your goals.
  5. Biggest sport challenge - Mr.Olyimpia
  6. Favorite sport memory - Being a judge at the international bodybuilng championship
  7. What i'd like to share with fellow fitness enthusiasts - Help the people who are dear to you ,not for money but for ethics
  8. My favoriteFast&Up fuel - Fortify& reload
  9. What my normal training day looks like - All days look like hardcore pump day
  10. Favorite place to train - my gym
  11. My everyday fitness diet - Carb cycle / low carb diet
  12. My fitness inspiration - Arnold Schwarzenegger
  13. My biggest motivator - Arnold Schwarzenegger
  14. What pushes me to the finish line - My dream & goal
  15. One goal that i'd like to achieve - I need to give the fitness services all over the world from Rock's fitness
  16. Importance of sports nutrition in my life - Without nutrition nothing works nutrition plays 80% role.