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Marshal Micheal

Marshal Micheal


Name : Marshal Micheal

Email address :

Your Birthday :  27/11/1998

Career Highlights: Medals of glory



My Sport and what he lovesabout his Sport: His Passion  

Bodybuilding/ gym/ fitness

Everything! Intensity with weights

What got him started:

My passion since school days and watching my uncle lifting weights!

My fitness mantra 

Eat healthy and stay fit!

Biggest sport challenge 


Favourite sport memory 

When I stood 4th in my competition.

What he'd like to share with fellow fitness enthusiasts:

Eat healthy, train everyday be physical activity or play any sport!

Her favourite Fast&Up fuel 


What his normal training day looks like:

There is nothing called normal day for me!.

Favourite place to train 


His everyday fitness diet

Eggs, chicken,fish,salad and fruits.

His fitness inspiration 


His biggest motivator

Arnold, John Abraham and Dwayne Johnson!

What pushes him to the finish line:

Nothing is impossible!

One goal that he'd like to achieve:

Best fitness trainer in India!

Importance of sports nutrition in his life

Plays a very important role in everyday life it's fuel to your body!