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Dheeraj Mishra

Dheeraj Mishra


Name : Dheeraj Mishra

Career Highlights: Medals of glory

I have been standing on national stage from 2016 in men's physique and I achieved top 20 in Sheru classic men's physique 2018.

My Sport -

Men's physique

What I love about my Sport -

The sports demands dedication, passion, and consistency. I have been in bodybuilding for the last six years and have enjoyed every moment of my life.I love the process more than the destination and will continue to do it throughout my life. Also love the sacrifices that is involved in making me a better athlete. This sport is a complete character enhancement and mentally driven sport which is built me as a man that I am today. I love the sport for this nature.

What got me started - 

When I was broken mentally, that gave me a chance to enhance my physical self. I tried various sports and finally decided to hit the gym. I looked up couple of bodybuilding movies like Arnold’s pumping iron and that gave mea whole different view into the world of bodybuilding and before knew it, I was hooked.

My fitness mantra - 

Biggest sport challenge -

Me myself and I.

Favorite sport memory -

Top 20 in sheru classic 2018

What i'd like to share with fellow fitness enthusiasts -

My mantra for fitness enthusiasts are train dirty, eat clean and be consistent and focused

My favorite Fast&Up fuel -


What my normal training day looks like -

If I am hitting small and medium muscle, I do 4 variation of 4 sets including strength, endurance and hypertrophy. If I am hitting large muscle, I do 5-6 variation of 5 sets.

Favorite place to train -

Haute fitness gym

My everyday fitness diet -

I eat 5-6 meal a day high protein high fibre and a balance of carbs and fats and alter it according to off season and competition times

My fitness inspiration -

Flex wheeler

My biggest motivator -

My coach Harry sandu

What pushes me to the finish line -

People who motivate, inspire and have been across the line push me to that extra mile to finish the line.

One goal that i'd like to achieve -

Men's physique Mr Olympia

Importance of sports nutrition in my life -

80% of my life depends on nutrition. Nutrition is part and parcel of my life. I take great initiative to make sure my nutrition comes from good sources. One of them being fast & up.

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Please note that there will be a delay in the dispatch due to the current situation of Covid-19