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Arunava Bhattacharyya

Arunava Bhattacharyya


Name : Arunava Bhattacharyya

Email address :

Your Birthday :  28/11/1986

Career Highlights: Medals of glory

Nutrition Coach to national level bodybuilders, powerlifter, basketball athletes.

Also coaching few southern celebrities like Puneet Rajkumar, Karthik Jayram and Angana Roy.

My Sport and what he lovesabout his Sport: His Passion  

Bodybuilding and Powerlifting

The lifestyle required to sustain in this sport.

What got him started:How the journey began

The will to be strong. Both physically and mentally.

My fitness mantra 

Be consistent

Biggest sport challenge 


Favourite sport memory 

Deadlifting 565lbs

What he'd like to share with fellow fitness enthusiasts:

Don’t wait for the right moment. Just get started

Her favourite Fast&Up fuel 


What his normal training day looks like:

Wake up and perform fasted cardio. Train one body part in the morning and one in the evening. Try eating 5-6 meals.

Favourite place to train 

Any gym

His everyday fitness diet

Lots of everything except carbohydrates .

His fitness inspiration 

Bill Goldberg /p>

His biggest motivator

My wife

What pushes him to the finish line:

I can’t give any reason to the haters to be right

One goal that he'd like to achieve:

Leave a lasting legacy in the fitness industry.

Importance of sports nutrition in his life

It’s everything since recovery is the most important aspect of fitness.