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Naveen John

Naveen John


Name - Naveen John

Career Highlights (Medals of Glory) 

4x Indian National Champion (2014, 2016, 2017) 1x National Games champion in the Individual Time Trial (2015) 1st Indian cyclist to ride on a UCI Division III professional cycling team (2016) 1st Indian to represent India at the UCI Road World Championships (2016) 3rd at the 1.12B LokerenDoorslaarkermesse in Belgium (2018) .

My Sport

Road Cycling

What I love about my Sport -

In racing/competition, I love that it is a way for me to push up against my perceived physical and mental limits. In training, it is an everyday opportunity to enjoy the outdoors/nature around wherever I travel to or live, and my sport has expanded my social network in real life.

What got me started (How the journey began)

I just kept showing up, no matter how much I sucked at first, every step along the way.

My fitness mantra 

'Train, don't strain' ~Arthur Lydiard !

Biggest sport challenge 

One pedal stroke at a time, to keep upping my work-rate and chase incremental progress in my sport, and to have a growth mindset inside and outside my sport.

Favourite sport memory 

My podium (3rd place) at the 1.12B LokerenDoorslaarkermesse in Belgium (2018). Achieving a result in cycling in European racing was a dream.

What i'd like to share with fellow fitness enthusiasts

#KaamKaro - Just show up, for yourself, and then go back, do more work, and keep showing up. Only the work is real.

My favourite Fast&Up fuel 

Reload. I don't leave home without it.

What my normal training day looks like

It starts the night before by going to bed early and getting enough sleep, then wake-up before my alarm, have a coffee (or two) along with a good brekkie, and head out the door to knock out whatever training I have pre-programmed -- usually weeks in advance -- for that day. The top priority on getting back is a shower, a recovery meal, and my pre-hab routine of rolling and stretching. Then, get in my work responsibilities. And, repeat.

Favourite place to train 

Oudenaarde, Belgium. It's a town that's famous for being the start of one of the biggest 'Spring Classics' races on the cycling calendar -- the Tour of Flanders

My everyday fitness diet 

Whole foods and meals prepped from scratch. Keep it simple. Carbs, proteins, fats, all in balance.

My fitness inspiration 

Looking back to where I started, the challenges I've overcome (by myself and at times with the help of others), how far I've come, and how much farther I have to go.

My biggest motivator 

My biggest daily motivation is to not let my sacrifices and sweat thus far be for naught and so, to chase consistency and thereby progression. When it comes to game day, I'm motivated by the work I've put in and the check-boxes I've ticked off to the best of my ability.

What pushes me to the finish line?

The drive to be better my previous best self

One goal that i'd like to achieve 

Special offer: Ask for one, get two goals free :)

    1.To leave my sport in a better state than when I found it .
    2.To represent India at a UCI Road or Track World Championships again .
    3.To become the first Indian to ride one of the 'Spring Classics' or 'Semi-Classics' that happen in every year in Belgium in March-April.

Importance of sports nutrition in my life 

If you are putting in the work and making the sacrifices, you owe it to yourself to fuel (nutrition + hydration) your training and racing right, so that you are getting the most out of yourself and pushing up against the real limits of your mind and body and not self-imposed ones.

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