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Kiran Raju

Kiran Raju


Name - Kiran Raju

Email address -

Birthday – 21/08/1995


Career Highlights (Medals of Glory) 

Winning Nandi epic race

His Sport and what he loves about his Sport (His passion)


The moment I feel low i get my bike n will be lost in nature which is why I enjoy this sport and I love suffering on wheels

What got him started (How the journey began)

My cousin

His fitness mantra 

Dedication is the only mantra

Biggest sport challenge 


Favourite sport memory 

Getting sponsored by fast and up is one of the most memorable memories

What he'd like to share with fellow fitness enthusiasts

Guys just include your body into any of the sport rather than wasting time by doing unnecessary stuffs

His favourite Fast&Up fuel 

Reload it has reloades my energy during rides

What his normal training day looks like

Ride hard else recovery

Favourite place to train 

Bangalore omr road or Nandi

His everyday fitness diet 

Eat clean and fresh food

His fitness inspiration 


His biggest motivator 

Loki and Naveen john

What pushes him to the finish line?

My hard work been done

One goal that he'd like to achieve 

Nats medal

Importance of sports nutrition in his life 

It's very important in any sport to keep ourselves hit for that nutrition is very important during workout and after workout